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  1. There was serious issues with KB4103721 as well. For some reason my Computer took about 20-25 minutes to complete the reboot installation process. But all is well after the install. I'm also on SSD but it's Kingston, so no issue with v 1803.
  2. I'm on OS Version 1803 as well with ESET Internet Security with no issues whatsoever.
  3. I don't have any problem with the Firewall settings, but I do second that the names of the devices are back to default. I renamed them for convenience. Now, they are back to the default names when they were first added to the Connected Home Monitor tab.
  4. Back to square one, after a few days without any interruption. This is few minutes ago, and is still the same.
  5. This problem has been there since I updated to ESET Internet Security 11 on Tuesday. It's a daily thing. Sometime it happens many times in an hour sometime it happens once in several hours. There maybe some connectivity issue with the LiveGrid and ESET servers.
  6. It's happened on a daily basis now. Fixing itself in a minute or so. Really distracting. The Internet is stable.
  7. The Internet connectivity was disrupted when the error in ESET Live Grid showed up for me. For it was momentarily. Soon after Internet connectivity was stable, the pop-up went away. It did not happen with ESS 10, though. But, it's alright.
  8. I too had this same exact problem about 12 hours ago. Live Grid couldn't be reached. It lasted for a couple minutes on 2 separate occasions. Without my intervention, it was back to normal after a couple minutes.
  9. Downloading the Offline installer is always the best practice, I think. I've been doing so for the past couple of years and installing the new version on top of the old one without any issue. Previously I used to remove the old version, reboot, download and install the new version, reboot again. Sometimes, Live Installer did not work, too.
  10. Is the server very busy? I'm getting about 200 kbps. It went up to 1 mbps near the end though.
  11. Who does one has to bribe to get the ESET Internet Security 11 International English version without waiting?
  12. I see. It's just the regional version that has released now. The International English version should release soon then.
  13. Is there any link, for International English, for ESET Internet Security 11? Presently I'm on
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