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    jamess3973 gave kudos to ESET Security Forum in ESET Windows home products version have been released   
    Release Date: October 23, 2018
    ESET NOD32 Antivirus, ESET Internet Security and ESET Smart Security Premium version have been released and are available to download.
    Added: Referral program Improved: Activation wizard improvements Improved: Security Reports and Unlock Tool Fixed: Minor functional and localization bugs For more information about what's new and improved in this version, see What's new in ESET version 12 home products.
    Upgrade to Latest Version
    Upgrade my ESET Windows home product to the latest version
    Support Resources
    ESET provides support in the form of Online Help (user guides), fully localized application and Online Help, online Knowledgebase, and applicable to your region, chat, email or phone support.
    Online Help (user guides) Visit www.eset.com/contact to email ESET technical support
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    jamess3973 gave kudos to Marcos in Future changes to ESET Internet Security and ESET Smart Security Premium   
    ESET's products are install-and-forget. You don't have to care about setting up anything and it will protect you in the background. It can't be easier than it already is in my opinion.
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