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proxy, product activation and mirroring


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I have four servers (and some clients) that I want to update via a proxy server (one of the servers).  Three servers don't have access to the Internet.

I've activated these three servers using an offline license.  However, in the license administrator, it's now saying two of these servers have Internet access and shouldn't use the offline activation method.  But that's not possible since I've disabled their Internet access and aside for the proxy (which allows only ESET connections (afaik)).

So could it be that because those two servers are accessing ESET update servers (via proxy), the ESET update/license servers are detecting that?  In this case, what should I do?  Looking at the License Administrator's Unit Management is annoying me.

Am I to take from this is that I need to change to a mirror method?   (Why was the mirroring removed?)

Can someone please clarify?




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Your assumption is correct. Offline license files are intended for computers that cannot access ESET's license servers at all. If they are able to access them through a proxy server, you should use the standard activation method.

As for mirroring, it's an ineffective method of updating as many files downloaded with each update are never used by clients. When updating through a proxy, only update files that are really needed and have not been cached yet are downloaded.

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If you want to use the proxy server for updating, and still consider your computers as being "offline" (=not able to reach ESET Licensing Servers), then there are only two options for you:

  1. Activate them using the standard "online" method, meaning you will have to configure your proxy server, to let them reach our activation servers. You can test if this works, by attempting to open https://edf.eset.com/edf on your local browser.
  2. Activate them using the offline file, however in this case, you will have to explicitly restrict them to access the eset licensing servers, as it would take it as a license violation. Details are listed in this KB Article: http://support.eset.com/kb332/#services

Concerning the mirror vs. proxy topic, I would recommend reading this section of the ESET Remote Administrator manual: http://help.eset.com/era_install/65/en-US/index.html?difference_connectivity.htm

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Thanks for the clarification.

Re: #2 "restrict them to access the eset licensing server",  what about updates?  If these offline servers access the proxy, then they'd access the licensing server.

My main purpose is to eliminate any internet access to the servers and have everyone update from the update server (proxy.. though I want to set up a mirror).


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