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ERA Administration Guide


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Last few days I've tried to read you administration guide for ERA v6.5 from start to end.

However I have found inconsistency in first 50 pages that I must ask is this document done by internal team or outsourced?
Let me give you example, try reading 3.3 Computers (page 35) and then try to understand how did 3.3.2 got into topic (and how do you get to that Import page) and how it is related to 3.3.1.

If its corporate secret and you can't answer I just want to say you need to rewrite entire document and explain topics with correct screenshots. 

It seems like document is written for someone who already has used ERA and want's to catch up and is reading only single topic not trying to understand greater picture of product.
Or maybe your guides are ment to be read topic by topic just as quick startup, reference guide?

Do you have any plan to revamp documentation or just continue to update it?

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  • ESET Staff

Hello bbahes,

The documentation is growing together with the product so sometimes there can be an inconsistency. Thank you for pointing this out, we will try to improve it.

I agree, if you read the PDF document from start to end, some topics may look inconsistent. This is because we did not intended it to be read like that. The PDF document you have is exported from Online Help which has a different conception.

What would you suggest to change in the documentation? (except those chapters 3.3.2/3.3.1)

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It does not make sense do make PDF out of Online help. Maybe CHM? 

For so complex product like ERA I would expect to have Guide that would explain product in such way, that, for someone who is new to ESET products, and ready document is able to understand every aspect of usage. From UI to internal working. Especially new v6 product line. Any if you plan to have v7 heading in same direction with same code base, that is something to consider while doing documentation for new market.

I have many times wondered where is complete explanation of policy settings? It could be something like in "ESET FILE SECURITY Installation Manual and User Guide - 4.10 eShell" where commands are explained in detail. Sure, there are many settings involved in your security products but having this structure explained in documentation is vital for someone wanting to better understand policy configuration. In this situation customers could potentionaly have external security consultant that would be able to study this policy guide and make XML policy for them just to import and be ready to use.

I think investing in good documentation will only enhance your product and many problems and questions on forum will be matter of past.

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  • ESET Staff

Thank you for suggestions,

I would not expect big changes in current version of the documentation, however we will consider your ideas and work on them to deliver better documentation for next major release.




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