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  1. We used Kaspersky before we switched to ESET v5. We had so many problems with performance and also, at the time, some of our clients used Home versions of Windows clients, that Kasperky does not support. Currently we are at ERA v5 + EES v5 and planning to jump to ESMC v7 + EES v7. With ERA v5 we had to use Windows as server. With ESMC v7 we are considering only Linux virtual appliance. I wish in future, ESET move all products to Linux VA's. There are several factors that drove me as project leader to Linux. Performance, Patch Management, Security, Licensing. Initially I was not happy with v6, but as time is moving, v7 seems logical step in endpoint security management. If you don't like on-premise solutions as I, and your business allows moving solutions to cloud, you might wanna check cloud version and never bother with Patch Management and Security of virtual appliance. Update: There are sometimes problems with major version upgrades on client and server side, but this is all handled either by guys on this forum or by your local support team.
  2. I can't send you private message. Do you have rough time frame of release?
  3. @MichalJ License key and Public ID are same as last year. It should be noted that this is test system and both ESMC and client are in virtual machines which where in saved state. It could be that ESMC did not sync with EBA. For me, confirmation that this is automatic process is solution. Thanks for response!
  4. Description: Automatic product activation on license renewal Detail: I can't find option in ESMC for endpoint automatic license activation after renewal. I only find option on client "Activate this product if you already have a renewal key or a new license." It would be most welcome to have this feature automated. For example, when license is synced with EBA account, automatic activation of endpoint would be triggered either by endpoint like with updates, if you can't access activation server via proxy, then go directly to ESET servers. On my test system I had to create client task to send activation on test client to renew license. Maybe I had to wait a little bit more time before client receives new license?
  5. Hi! After releasing All-in-one installer version when do you have plan to release virtual appliance version? Also, how long after releasing new version do you need time to build new ISO? I'm asking because we want to jump to most stable release, preferably to 7.1 if not before. Thanks!
  6. Hi @TomasP ! Can you confirm beta status for 7.1 is still active? Does ESET have any release date in mind for 7.1? We use 5.x and will jump to 7 in near future, but would rather wait for this major release than to go through upgrade process which from my perspective is still unpolished and prone to errors.
  7. Just tested with nslookup -type=TXT rs.dns-oarc.net. seems everything is ok: Non-authoritative answer: rs.dns-oarc.net canonical name = rst.x4090.rs.dns-oarc.net rst.x4090.rs.dns-oarc.net canonical name = rst.x4058.x4090.rs.dns-oarc.net rst.x4058.x4090.rs.dns-oarc.net canonical name = rst.x4064.x4058.x4090.rs.dns-oarc.net rst.x4064.x4058.x4090.rs.dns-oarc.net text = " DNS reply size limit is at least 4090" rst.x4064.x4058.x4090.rs.dns-oarc.net text = " sent EDNS buffer size 4096" rst.x4064.x4058.x4090.rs.dns-oarc.net text = "Tested at 2019-01-26 16:15:01 UTC"
  8. Hi! Looking at DNS flag day (https://dnsflagday.net), I wonder, does EES firewall support EDNS in v5 product line? Or is this something of no concern for end client? Thanks!
  9. @Marcos What method would you suggest for firewall logging in ESMC v7? For example, we install new application that needs to access various network resources. We don't get clear specification from vendor on ports, so we need to use various forms for network capture. What would be best method to get logs from client to ESMC for specific application network usage?
  10. I was able to add this path to Firewall rule. Where are you adding this rules?
  11. Description: Change CONNECT option from RDP to VNC on client.Detail: Please add ability to change RDP connection to client to VNC.
  12. Description: Add ADD FILTERING option in "pop up" formsDetail: Please add ability to filter in all forms through the entire product. It's hard to scroll and read through so many options. One extra request would be to turn on by default filter by name. No filter: Filter available: Default filter by name:
  13. Description: LAST EXECUTION column in Server TasksDetail: I can't seem to be able to find Last Execution column in Server Tasks? It would be useful to have same information in columns available for same categories of information. At the moment we have to open each task and select Executions tab. Server tasks: Client tasks:
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