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  1. That is pretty much how I feel about v6 (still waiting to see what's going to happen with v7) and that is why we are still on v5. We will shift to v7 since more and more threats are out there and v5 engine is not being developed anymore. They had to shift to this new "web, IoT, bla bla bla" thing because everyone else are. And that is fine. I don't want to have more servers on premise to update, restart, backup.... But they are nice. They do ask about your opinion
  2. Do you have in plan to put ESET Enterprise Inspector on Linux VM?
  3. Description: Schedule database backup to network/email Detail: Most UTM appliances offer feature of scheduling configuration backup to certain email or network path. I have not found this option yet in ERA VA 6.5? Description: Schedule policy apply time Detail: Give possibility to schedule policy. I want my employees who use notebooks to have one policy while working hours and one policy during lunch or during non working hours. Description: Generate report for configured policy Detail: My managers sometimes want report on how policy is configure for certain departments, employees. Description: Policy in XML format Detail: editing policy via XML can be done via custom built tool if you provide schema. I don't have to spend too much time in web interface. Policy can be designed by security consultant in tool and then he can send me XML for me to import to ERA. Description: Application/Process usage report Detail: Dashboard that would report apps/processes running on users PC and show additional data like network connections, CPU, RAM usage...something like "light" Sysinspector. Description: Apache HTTP Proxy vs Mirror Detail: Please give some tabular feedback/log in ERA interface what clients have downloaded and when what updates. Searching apache log in virtual machine is time consuming. Description: ESET Authentication server Detail: I'm using EAS in v5 to authenticate with zone. I've asked before for this feature to be ported to virtual appliance but no response was given. I have need for client firewall to know is it really on my network or somewhere else. Having trusted source that confirms to client firewall "yes you are on corporate network" is big thing for us. Maybe you have solved this in other way that I'm not aware yet? Description: FQDN rules in firewall Detail: We are using many CDN content from online services, like O365, Google Drive etc. Basically, we have clients that leave network and we want them to be able to access only certain services when they are off corporate network. Some services provide IP address for firewall, some FQDN. Do you have any plan to implement FQDN rules?
  4. If you meant "server firewall" by "firewall\filtering system for accepting information from external toward the server" I've been waiting for this for a long time from ESET. Maybe someone from ESET will shed a light on this topic... Opening ports is always security risk. It depends how big your company (or customer) are. You should not rely on single solution. As far as I know ESET v6 philosophy, agents have certificates to communicate to server. It's not security feature but it helps. I think story will be more interesting when they publish v7 in cloud. We still use v5 and have problems with clients moving outside organization. Until they relese v7 we use VPN to connect to network and then client sends report back to ERA. It's not ideal but this is what we have for the moment. We are pinning hopes to v7 where we hope to move away from dual profiles.
  5. Whitelisting FQDN Through Firewall?

    The only one I remember was Forefront TMG from Microsoft. Don't you think this is something to consider, given the IPv6 notation format? Also, many things now come from CDN leaving only fqdn as firewall option.
  6. Whitelisting FQDN Through Firewall?

    @Marcos Yesterday we had example, where we needed to allow users access to Google Docs and nothing else. Google does have list of FQDN servers we need to allow through firewall, but this is impossible to make use of in ESET firewall. Are there any consideration regarding this request? Can it be sent via official channel as feature request and track status?
  7. Whitelisting FQDN Through Firewall?

    As I sad, with current firewall you are right. You should make it modern inspect application layer. In the end DNS helps us. Who likes to type entire IP addresses, ranges, subnets..
  8. Whitelisting FQDN Through Firewall?

    With current firewall you are right. But this needs to change soon. If not for IPv4 hosts then for IPv6. We have problems with allowing clients only access to Microsoft O365. Luckily Microsoft provided both FQDN and IPv4/IPv6.
  9. Whitelisting FQDN Through Firewall?

    I don't know about v6, but in v5 it was not possible to include FQDN in firewall rules and that is painful @Marcos
  10. No, they are not interested in v5. It is considered old and will reach End of Life on Dec 2020. It now has Limited Support and will later have only Basic Support. Have you tried accessing from localhost?
  11. Have you tried this article: and sub article ?
  12. It has to be Windows Firewall. Try scanning your 2016 server for open ports.