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  1. Hips - Basic and Advanced

    I use it still in v5 and I use Rules to try and prevent ransomware. This is link for v6:
  2. So I was able to get another gateway for ERA and everything works fine. It appears that corporate firewall SonicWall is blocking something.
  3. Hi! ERAS and ERAC both This morning I noticed all clients with database version 16087 and no update since. On ERAS in Server Options under Update status when I try to execute Update Now I get Failed, UPDATE_VER_IS_EMPTY. I've tried stopping ERAS service and clearing mirrored files folder but same error. Any thoughts?
  4. Run .bat or .vbs file from RA

    Can this user context be changed in v6 or v7 ? Not for agent, but for script execution.
  5. Are there specific device ID that are not recognized as devices?
  6. Why would this cause problems? Do you have many infected emails?
  7. ESET Cloud Administrator?

    Will you make feature comparison available?
  8. Not happy with ERA 6

    Out of the box I can think one example...I don't see in documentation where you explain why certificate for agent is required. This topology is never presented in diagram like this one for example: hxxp://
  9. Not happy with ERA 6

    All this confusion and problems regarding v6 (and upcoming v7) would be gone if documentation is complete. Trust me.
  10. Hi! When do you plan to release ERA hosted on your servers? Something similar to Bitdefender GravityZone.
  11. ESET crashes Outlook 2016

    As I walk to my clients that use Outlook 2016 i often see ESET in disabled COM add-ins. This plugin crashes a lot. We use EES v5 on Windows 7 x64. We are hoping true x64 release announced for v7 will fix these problems. And here is mine Email filter/client settings in ERA:
  12. Endpoint Security brings even more security features than Endpoint Antivirus, one of most important to me is Firewall. We don't have domain so I'm left with securing workstations firewall configuration with ESET Endpoint Security. Currently we are still on v5 and waiting for v7.
  13. Server Up-to-date?

    Edit a policy and under Tools -> Proxy server, enable "Use direct connection if proxy is not available".
  14. Server Up-to-date?

    As far as I know in v6 server is not the one downloading database. It only has apache configured as proxy cache, so clients go through proxy directly to ESET servers. This is something I still can't digest in v6 but I see it very effective for notebooks when client's leave network. There is offline mirror utility (note "utility" because it's not integrated in ERA) but even in case that you use it you don't have any information in ERA.
  15. Upgrade ERA 6.4 to 6.5 fail

    What are hardware specifications of your ERA server?