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  1. Have you tried this article: and sub article ?
  2. We have different situation. We want to block smartphone but still be able to access device storage. Users use smartphone as a way to access internet on our internal network, avoiding corporate firewall.
  3. It has to be Windows Firewall. Try scanning your 2016 server for open ports.
  4. Not happy with ERA 6

    By the way, latest V6.5 version is much much better than previous V6.x releases.
  5. Not happy with ERA 6

    I have already tried contacting you but you have not responded to my request for direct or Skype meeting. However, since we don't use v6 it was not so critical to arrange this meeting. What I would love to hear from you is v7 status, maybe late access to documentation. Has anything been done to improve documentation? Regards!
  6. There are no such plans but we are considering a better solution that would not require an ESET Authentication server for this. Any news @Marcos
  7. I've sent you private message with link to data.
  8. Yes I can exclude that app. I wonder why do users even get that dialog? If it is malicious I'd like to know. This event is not logged in ERA? I have also checked .exe digital signature and it has two signatures. One with sha256 and one with sha1. Could it be because of this sha1 certificate that EES does not see as "correctly" signed app?
  9. I have to reopen this thread, since I don't want to start new one. I'm having same issue with Skype for Desktop and Skype for Business applications. We use ERA v5 ans EES v5. Basically my users started getting dialog "Application modification detected" even though firewall settings are set to: Allow modification of signed (trusted) applications: Yes Filtering mode is set to Policy-based mode I have explicit rule for these applications to allow all communication since they use random port numbers. I wouldn't want users to see this dialog, yet I'd like to see it logged somewhere in ERA:
  10. I've had ESET v5 Outlook plugin crash Outlook 2010, 2013, 2016...however I have noticed it does so only when user has large data files. One of my users has .OST that is 20GB and had two .PST that both had around 50GB. After I closed large PST files Outlook was back to normal. All scanning controls are off in policy. I'm hoping they will solve this with full x64 client in v7.
  11. He can always extract them or share them with someone else inside organization.
  12. It will be ok, when you release v7. But I would love to hear more about that model? Will this finally be some sort of firewall logging?
  13. You could try logging in v6 - I. Activate logging of blocked connections: I mainly use third party tools to get information which port processes use. I never use learning mode. This could open many unwanted ports