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  1. Will new application filtering feature announced for future 7.x version of endpoint clients be able to control these situations? We have situations where clients roam outside corporate network and we would want to be able to control things on application level. Thanks!
  2. We did not try to reproduce problem. I will ask user to repeat same process and give you feedback.
  3. What user did in the end is restarted machine. After that alerts went away. We talked to user and he told us that he did not shutdown notebook in Start > Shutdown way but he just closed lid. After he resumed notebook from sleep state this alert started.
  4. Maybe related....but I have one client (Endpoint v7) that has this alert in ESMC:
  5. HI! We got today a event in THREATS: However, I see action as Detected. If we wanted to change action for this types of threats, which specific policy/rule would we need to modify? Thanks!
  6. Description : Add variable for COMPUTER DESCRIPTION Details: We use COMPUTER DESCRIPTION to denote workstation position and/or users and would like to include this field in notification messages.
  7. @MichalJ License key and Public ID are same as last year. It should be noted that this is test system and both ESMC and client are in virtual machines which where in saved state. It could be that ESMC did not sync with EBA. For me, confirmation that this is automatic process is solution. Thanks for response!
  8. Description: Automatic product activation on license renewal Detail: I can't find option in ESMC for endpoint automatic license activation after renewal. I only find option on client "Activate this product if you already have a renewal key or a new license." It would be most welcome to have this feature automated. For example, when license is synced with EBA account, automatic activation of endpoint would be triggered either by endpoint like with updates, if you can't access activation server via proxy, then go directly to ESET servers. On my test system I had to create client task to send activation on test client to renew license. Maybe I had to wait a little bit more time before client receives new license?
  9. Hi @TomasP ! Can you confirm beta status for 7.1 is still active? Does ESET have any release date in mind for 7.1? We use 5.x and will jump to 7 in near future, but would rather wait for this major release than to go through upgrade process which from my perspective is still unpolished and prone to errors.
  10. I was able to add this path to Firewall rule. Where are you adding this rules?
  11. Description: Change CONNECT option from RDP to VNC on client.Detail: Please add ability to change RDP connection to client to VNC.
  12. Description: Add ADD FILTERING option in "pop up" formsDetail: Please add ability to filter in all forms through the entire product. It's hard to scroll and read through so many options. One extra request would be to turn on by default filter by name. No filter: Filter available: Default filter by name:
  13. Description: LAST EXECUTION column in Server TasksDetail: I can't seem to be able to find Last Execution column in Server Tasks? It would be useful to have same information in columns available for same categories of information. At the moment we have to open each task and select Executions tab. Server tasks: Client tasks:
  14. We've had situations where ESET had problems with antivirus database (usually many false positives with web filtering) where we had to revert to previous version. However, that was not main focus for us since fix was delivered in few hours, but we had quick overview of what clients had which version in comparison to ESET server or ERA server.
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