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  1. For some time now I am running into an issue with ESET Endpoint Protection. When I hover over the system tray I see a red warning symbol on the ESET icon. When I then open the window I see red marks on the protection status and on the settings. (See screenshots in the attachments; as you see I use the Dutch localization). I cannot re-enable the features, they simply don't work. Only a restart of the computer helps to get everything to a green status again. But then later (sometimes hours, sometimes days) I see the same problem again. I have not been able to find any log or other file that helps me find out WHY these features keep disabling. It also does not help that ESET does not alert me when the features are turned off, so I only notice that I am not protected when I choose to look at the icons in the system tray. Since ESET is obviously able to detect that some of its features are not working, why doesn't it pop up an alert as soon as this happens? Is there any way for me to find out why these features are constantly being disabled? And, more important, to prevent this from happening? Thanks in advance! EDIT: Forgot to mention: I am currently on version 6.6.2046.1. And I did a full, deep scan of my computer the previous time I noticed this, May 30 17:06. No threats were found. (And that was after a restart so the status was showing green for all features at that time).
  2. And another one, while I was editing a new version of the music score. This time I remember looking at the contents. It complains that ESET LiveGrid is not available. Since I will probably not be on Wifi when presenting tomorrow, I am now very concerned that this same warning will pop up again during my presentation, and ruin the effect of the intro music.
  3. Unfortunately, I just had a popup appear again, as I was listening to a new version of the music score for the video footage.
  4. Edge is installed on my laptop, but I have installed Firefox on top of it and made it my default browser. I went into the ESET options and disabled the automatic activation of gamer mode (called presenter mode in the Dutch version). I hope to find time for one or two more trials today and will let you know what happens. Thanks!
  5. Hi! I have recently bought a new laptop, running Windows 10, and I have installed ESET Endpoint Security on it. It now keeps nagging me with warning windows in the bottom right of the screen, with a sound. (And sometimes I seem to get the sound without seeing the window). Those nags tend to be one of two different warnings: either a generic "ESET wants my attention, click here" (and when I do nothing happens, or ESET opens showing only green indicators); or a warning that a site you use for one of the threat detections is not available (the latter usually when I do not have an internet connection). (Note that I use the Dutch localized version so I cannot tell you the exact messages the English version would give) I am doing a presentation in two days, which starts with some video footage playing. I already had ESET interrupt this once during one of my practice runs, and I do not want that to happen during the actual presentation. But I have so far not been able to find a way to shut off these warnings. I have already tried, in the advanced settings, changing the minimum level for reporting issues to "error", switching off the option to reports errors on the desktop, and switching off the play sound effect option. And I still get these dreaded warning messages every now and then. Is my only option to open process explorer and kill all ESET processes before starting my presentation? Or can someone give me a somewhat less drastic (and more supported) way to ensure that my presentation is not interrupted with popups about things that are far from critical? Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks for your reply, Marcos! My bad, I should have been more specific. Before installing Endpoint Security, I was using Smart Security. I now realize that my mention of "upgrade" withing being more specific must have led readers to believe that I had upgraded from an earlier version of the same product. I am very glad to head that the focus-grabbing has already been fixed, and I'll get Endpoint Security to look for upgrades right after posting this messages. I am also glad to hear that you are working on a workaround for the fake notification. Cheers, Hugo
  7. Hi all, First of all, to prevent misunderstandings based on the title - I *love* the ESET protection software. I don't recall anymore how long ago I was recommended to switch from Nortons bloatware to ESET, but I am still thankful for that advise! However, after upgrading to ESET Endpoint (version 5.0.2126.0), I must say that there are two issues that bother me a bit. Both in the usability area. First - updates. Older versions of ESET that I used would pop up a message box when they had updated their virus database. No problem. ESET Endpoint Security does the same, but with one difference - this messagebox grabs control. So when I'm typing, text suddenly disappears in the ESET window instead of going to my text editor. And when I'm playing a keyboard-controlled game, my frentic keyboard-smashing no longer controls my avatar, causing me to lose a life. Can you please change it back so that the message box informing me of updates no longer grabs control? (Or, as a second best alternative, tell me how to change the options to fix this issue?) Second - sometimes, ESET Endpoint Security will pop up a message saying that it requires my attention. Again, something previous versions did too. But again with a difference. With the previous versions, when I responded by clicking, I would see a reason. Okay, usually the reason was that I was behind with my patches, something that Windows Update would eventually fix for me anyway, but at least there was a good reason. Now, when ESET wants my attention, I am taken to the main screen showing all green tick marks for the protection status, and no indication at all for why my attention was asked. Why? Again - I still love ESET for what it does and how it does it, and these two issues are just annoyances. But I would surely love it if they could be fixed! Cheers, Hugo Kornelis
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