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  1. Description : Add variable for COMPUTER DESCRIPTION Details: We use COMPUTER DESCRIPTION to denote workstation position and/or users and would like to include this field in notification messages.
  2. @MichalJ License key and Public ID are same as last year. It should be noted that this is test system and both ESMC and client are in virtual machines which where in saved state. It could be that ESMC did not sync with EBA. For me, confirmation that this is automatic process is solution. Thanks for response!
  3. Description: Automatic product activation on license renewal Detail: I can't find option in ESMC for endpoint automatic license activation after renewal. I only find option on client "Activate this product if you already have a renewal key or a new license." It would be most welcome to have this feature automated. For example, when license is synced with EBA account, automatic activation of endpoint would be triggered either by endpoint like with updates, if you can't access activation server via proxy, then go directly to ESET servers. On my test system I had to create client task to send activation on test client to renew license. Maybe I had to wait a little bit more time before client receives new license?
  4. I was able to add this path to Firewall rule. Where are you adding this rules?
  5. Description: Change CONNECT option from RDP to VNC on client.Detail: Please add ability to change RDP connection to client to VNC.
  6. Description: Add ADD FILTERING option in "pop up" formsDetail: Please add ability to filter in all forms through the entire product. It's hard to scroll and read through so many options. One extra request would be to turn on by default filter by name. No filter: Filter available: Default filter by name:
  7. Description: LAST EXECUTION column in Server TasksDetail: I can't seem to be able to find Last Execution column in Server Tasks? It would be useful to have same information in columns available for same categories of information. At the moment we have to open each task and select Executions tab. Server tasks: Client tasks:
  8. We've had situations where ESET had problems with antivirus database (usually many false positives with web filtering) where we had to revert to previous version. However, that was not main focus for us since fix was delivered in few hours, but we had quick overview of what clients had which version in comparison to ESET server or ERA server.
  9. Description: Agent logs in Endpoint productDetail: It would be practical to have agent log in Endpoint product Log Files for easier export and review.
  10. Description: Policy revision Detail: It would be very welcome feature if policy had revision tab, so we can see what has changed over time. This revision tab would, if implemented, allow us to see all settings in tree view. At the moment we have to go to policy and drill down entire policy to get a look what settings we had in previous policy. Maybe this has already been requested in different form, like I had previously in this topic
  11. I would prefer if in future releases they automate this internally. I know about this problem in old releases but we have policy about who does what and when so we did not have this problems with v5.
  12. This is big flaw in design and you should revert back to old one. If some organizations have problems with endpoint control, internal organization it should not have been reason to fix these problems with product philosophy. If for some reason endpoint is gone from ERA, than this is mayor security incident inside organization, that should be addressed in other way with internal policies or procedures. This design leads to many potential confusions in reports and management if situation would arise that endpoint was renamed and rename task fails.
  13. Description: Consistent licensing/display with regards to renaming endpoint Detail: I'm testing ESMC v7 and Endpoint v7 and I see different results when: 1. Rename client (hostname) on client itself We use All-in-one installer for clients. They are installed when computer has generic name (in case of Windows 10 that is something like DESKTOP-0LALO37). The Endpoint and agent install and report back to ESMC successfully. If we then rename client (technical staff, by either on site or via remote support VNC) to something else we only see change in FQDN property. However in list it lists old "Computer name". 2. Active Directory Sync task. Which brings me to Active Directory sync task. Since we are transitioning from workgroup to active directory we would like to sync list of computers and servers from different OU in Active Directory do different static groups and maintain that list. We have in place task that syncs Lost and Found static group with test Active Directory OU for Computers. But when task runs it "syncs" list in a way that in only adds "new objects" to ESMC list of computers. So now we have PC's with old "computer name" and PC's with new "computer name" in list. Would it be possible to have Active Directory maintain authoritative list of computer object? If this is possible in current product I have not found way to do it. Please advise. Also, if for some reason we rename endpoint it would be very nice for that name to be truly synced in ESMC list with Active Directory for security team to have complete list of workstations. 3. Rename client (Description Name?) on ESMC Which brings me to client rename task. I don't see purpose of adding task that, as far as I am aware of only purpose is to rename object inside ESMC database. I consider it handy in case you have true sync between domain and ESMC. Also, naming convention should be consistent with selected object. In Lost & found you list COMPUTER NAME, yet in Actions (when "object" is selected) you display "Rename multiple items". If "Computer name" is select it would be sensible to write "Rename computer name list" or something more meaningful. Correct me if I'm wrong I see that you use ESMC "Computer name" throughout ESMC (tasks, etc..)? For us, desirable result would be to have single name for object inside ESMC which is FQDN that is synced either with client (workgroup) or Active Directory. If for some reason you find this is not feature request or rather candidate for support, feel free to move post to correct forum. Kind regards!
  14. Description: Update First steps and best practices Detail: May I suggest that you update your help documentation or somehow automate this step, that when ESMC server is first launched, Update Operating System Task is one of first things to do? This is mainly because Alerts are shown "Operating system is not up to date". Also, I'm guessing, it's best security practice, since it's security product. Would you agree? Also while on this subject: Description: Task executions - more details would be welcome Detail: I have started Update Operating System task via context menu. However, I don't see any detailed status as to what is being updated or possibly status of any error. It would be nice to have console log (virtual appliance) presented while this task is executing. After long wait and many errors, ESMC says "Everything is OK".
  15. Description: Linux version Detail: We use a Linux-based server to minimize costs and I think ESET should make a version of ESET Enterprise Inspector for Linux. Detail 2: Also, we don't want to pay Windows Server licenses for security products. Description: Cloud version Detail: Managing on premise equipment, patching and monitoring on premise software is costly and time consuming. At minimum you should have Linux version, at best Cloud version.
  16. I don't understand this bolded part. Check here https://downloads.mariadb.org/mariadb/10.3.7/
  17. Why not then add column "Order of rule application" when sorting when clicking on header?
  18. Description: Schedule database backup to network/email Detail: Most UTM appliances offer feature of scheduling configuration backup to certain email or network path. I have not found this option yet in ERA VA 6.5? Description: Schedule policy apply time Detail: Give possibility to schedule policy. I want my employees who use notebooks to have one policy while working hours and one policy during lunch or during non working hours. Description: Generate report for configured policy Detail: My managers sometimes want report on how policy is configure for certain departments, employees. Description: Policy in XML format Detail: editing policy via XML can be done via custom built tool if you provide schema. I don't have to spend too much time in web interface. Policy can be designed by security consultant in tool and then he can send me XML for me to import to ERA. Description: Application/Process usage report Detail: Dashboard that would report apps/processes running on users PC and show additional data like network connections, CPU, RAM usage...something like "light" Sysinspector. Description: Apache HTTP Proxy vs Mirror Detail: Please give some tabular feedback/log in ERA interface what clients have downloaded and when what updates. Searching apache log in virtual machine is time consuming. Description: ESET Authentication server Detail: I'm using EAS in v5 to authenticate with zone. I've asked before for this feature to be ported to virtual appliance but no response was given. I have need for client firewall to know is it really on my network or somewhere else. Having trusted source that confirms to client firewall "yes you are on corporate network" is big thing for us. Maybe you have solved this in other way that I'm not aware yet? Description: FQDN rules in firewall Detail: We are using many CDN content from online services, like O365, Google Drive etc. Basically, we have clients that leave network and we want them to be able to access only certain services when they are off corporate network. Some services provide IP address for firewall, some FQDN. Do you have any plan to implement FQDN rules?
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