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  1. Hi, I disabled QUIC in Chrome but doesn't work. It is not the Chrome Enterprise and we don't have AD. The issue is that we need to do that just with Eset Endpoint, not using third part software. At this time we can't block the access to the web site but can block the streaming video load, we add the domains googlevideo.com and youtu.be
  2. Hello, We bought some Endpoint Security License 2 months ago and we are trying to block Youtube videos in PCs. Using the Control Web we applied Block Rules to youtube URL and domain: www.youtube.com / youtube.com and also the google video services domain, and it works fine in Firefox, Opera, Edge and IE, but in Chrome this fail if you have your google account open or if you have the youtube site in Favs. doesnt matter if you delete cookies or cache the site still bypassing the Control Web block rule. We can't block via IP beacause you know, youtube use several IP addressess. Someone knows how to block it succesfull ? thanks for your help.
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