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    janoo received kudos from Peter Randziak in ESMC Install Docs: Additional Notes   
    Hello @Staj
    I am sorry for your inconvenience. The winbind package is used by ESMC server only as a backup solution. By default, the AD is synchronized using kerberos (properly configured) and ldapsearch packages, which are in the prerequisites list you mentioned.
    Usually this kind of error happens, when Web Console > Server Settings > Advanced Settings > Active Directory is not filled properly. You need to enter a read-only account and host name. Container is optional.
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    janoo received kudos from Peter Randziak in SMC Maximum Run Command Size   
    Hi, there are a few restrictions here:
    Web Console can process 32768 characters. However, if you copy-paste a longer command, it would silently cut out the end. Linux and Mac are able to process the full length of the command. Windows has restriction for 8191 (read more https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/830473/command-prompt-cmd-exe-command-line-string-limitation) I hope this helps.
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    janoo received kudos from Peter Randziak in Missing Tomcat uninstaller in ESMC   
    Hi Katbert, it is not a bug, but a result of new installation method. \
    You can uninstall ESMC Web Console and Apache Tomcat as follows:
    Open the Command Prompt as Administrator Stop the Tomcat7 service:
    sc stop Tomcat7 Delete the Tomcat7 service:
    sc delete Tomcat7 Navigate to Apache Tomcat installation folder (example shows the default path on 64-bit Windows):
    C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\ Delete the apache-tomcat-[version] folder.
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