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ESMC Install Docs: Additional Notes

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I had some issues with the documentation and wanted to post my experiences and resolutions and some additional advice in case anyone else has to go through it. Also, can the doc team please spend more time more on QA of the doc content?

MySQL installation and configuration (7.2)
"For MySQL 5.6.22 and later:" also includes MySQL 8 despite MySQL 8 having it's own section, although correct, it's a tad vague as one could interpret it as "and later within the major version" like I did initially.

server-linux-x86_64.sh Database Configuration Checking
Some of the error string are unhelpful (Eg: "The database server is not configured correctly. Please check the documentation and reconfigure the database server as needed.")

Apache HTTP Proxy installation - Linux (7.2)
Step 8 refers to /etc/apache2/mods-enabled/proxy.conf but it is probably meant to refer to /etc/apache2/conf-available/proxy.conf as the proxy definition was defined in that configuration file for these instructions.

The "Forwarding for ESET communication only" section also has a block which refers to "allow forwarding all communications" which should be it's own heading but isn't. It has a big block of Apache configuration that look identical to the first but the first ProxyMatch tag is missing an open square bracket, don't accidentally copy it instead of the primary one at the stop or you'll get errors.

KB6783 Add or remove password protection of ESET security product settings from ESET Security Management Center (7.x)
Figure 2-1 is wrong, it's highlighting the blue circles instead of the grey circles as per the instructions.

Deployment steps - SCCM
These instructions aren't good enough, it doesn't work in practice when it comes to the entire lifecycle of the product, especially uninstallation and superseding previous version of the product. Installing agent in place, uninstalling old products first or using old policies to redirect agents to new servers all have their own problems. In the end, we did our upgrade/migration using SCCM Task Sequences and scripts, I'll post a separate topic on how I did that for others because we had the same saga with our v5 to v6 years ago too.

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  • ESET Staff

Hello @Staj

I am sorry for your inconvenience. The winbind package is used by ESMC server only as a backup solution. By default, the AD is synchronized using kerberos (properly configured) and ldapsearch packages, which are in the prerequisites list you mentioned.

Usually this kind of error happens, when Web ConsoleServer Settings > Advanced Settings > Active Directory is not filled properly. You need to enter a read-only account and host name. Container is optional.

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  • ESET Staff


I have checked the KB6783. The screenshot is not wrong, however I understand the confusion. I have fixed the wording now.

The user have to click a full gray dot/circle which turns blue after it is clicked. The screenshot shows the clicked (blue) status, however the text describes a gray circle. Thank you for reporting the issue.


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