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  1. Hi @David Fletcher We are looking into it. Such a scenario is not described in the documentation yet, however there is a workaround you may try: Download the GPO SCCM ini file from the PROTECT Cloud. Download the .msi installer for Agent Look at Agent installation guide - in that way you can combine the information from the ini. file to create the installation command. Run the installation remotely I hope that helps.
  2. Hi, we are working on improving this part of documentation, for example, the listing of the supported DB and ODBC versions has been improved in the online help for version 8.0 Database | ESET PROTECT | ESET Online Help
  3. @Staj I have checked the KB6783. The screenshot is not wrong, however I understand the confusion. I have fixed the wording now. The user have to click a full gray dot/circle which turns blue after it is clicked. The screenshot shows the clicked (blue) status, however the text describes a gray circle. Thank you for reporting the issue.
  4. Hello @Staj I am sorry for your inconvenience. The winbind package is used by ESMC server only as a backup solution. By default, the AD is synchronized using kerberos (properly configured) and ldapsearch packages, which are in the prerequisites list you mentioned. Usually this kind of error happens, when Web Console > Server Settings > Advanced Settings > Active Directory is not filled properly. You need to enter a read-only account and host name. Container is optional.
  5. Hi, there are a few restrictions here: Web Console can process 32768 characters. However, if you copy-paste a longer command, it would silently cut out the end. Linux and Mac are able to process the full length of the command. Windows has restriction for 8191 (read more https://support.microsoft.com/en-us/help/830473/command-prompt-cmd-exe-command-line-string-limitation) I hope this helps.
  6. Hi, at first, you can also look at Online Documentation https://help.eset.com/esmc_admin/70/en-US/?mdm_setup_and_settings.html which is more up to date as KBase. What certificates did you use during the MDC installation?
  7. Hi Richard, just to make sure, before you updated to the newest proxy, you did not have those errors in the log? Are there any other problems/issues with ESMC/endpoints?
  8. Hi Richard, from your post it is not clear what proxy configuration you use. I recommend you to download Apache HTTP Proxy installer from the ESET download page (ESMC, standalone installers) and use only the httpd.conf file from the archive with your installation. Restart the Apache service to take effect.
  9. Hi Katbert, it is not a bug, but a result of new installation method. \ You can uninstall ESMC Web Console and Apache Tomcat as follows: Open the Command Prompt as Administrator Stop the Tomcat7 service: sc stop Tomcat7 Delete the Tomcat7 service: sc delete Tomcat7 Navigate to Apache Tomcat installation folder (example shows the default path on 64-bit Windows): C:\Program Files\Apache Software Foundation\ Delete the apache-tomcat-[version] folder.
  10. Hi, what installer did you use, ERA 6.5? or upgrade task? What version of ERA/ESMC do you have? Did you tray manuall uninstallation of the ERA Agent? https://support.eset.com/kb6007/
  11. Hi Radokizi, could you be please more specific about what kind of complete installer did you use? How it was set up? Can you install a diagnostic software (like Wireshark) and check where are the Agents connecting (while failing to reach the ESMC Server)?
  12. Hi, webconsole is not dependent on the ESMC server (form the installation point of view). Those can be installed on different machines using separate installation methods. They only need to be the same version. During the All in one installation you can de-select the Webconsole component and install the ESMC server with the SQL express the easy way. Afterwards you can install webconsole manually https://help.eset.com/esmc_install/70/en-US/http_proxy_installation_linux.html?component_installation_webconsole_windows.html There is no need to tinker with agent or server if webconsole is failing this way. Most likely the problem is Java / browser / tomcat.
  13. Hi, I am glad it works. If clients could be in the same subnet even while they are off the internal network, you have to find some condition which is changed when they are off. If network is not a reliable indicator, how they even know they are off? Is there some other app involved?
  14. Hi, proxy chaining is supported, only authenticated connections are not. You can read more about proxy chaining here: https://support.eset.com/kb7034
  15. Exactly as MichalJ said, pairs of Dynamic group + Agent policy. Static groups are not viable option for this. (Clients can not automatically change their position in a static group). See the similar scenario: https://support.eset.com/kb6851/
  16. Hi, if you set this groups and policies while Clients are on the network and connected, policies and DG rules are stored on the agents locally, so they can resolve themselves under new conditions even without server assistance. This ability is necessary for agents to work properly, because, e.g. if you have replication period set to 6 hours, your agent needs to know what to do every second during those 6 hours. The question for you is, it is even possible in (your infrastructure) for agents from outside to reach the ESMC Server?
  17. Hi Zafer, using the hostnames is the best practice, however if you do not want to use that, there is a workaround for this: Duplicate your agent policy and set up different IPs in those duplicates. Create dynamic groups with conditions that would separate roaming agents from other agents (e.g. subnet) and apply policies to those dynamic groups appropriately. After that, when the agent find itself in the new group, it will start using the other IP.
  18. You can also set up the OS Update task as recurring task, for example for every Sunday night.
  19. You can update ESMC components using client task component upgrade. You can upgrade OS behind VA (CentOS) using OS update task. You can not update VA itself, only pull database from old one to a new one. But then you have to change IP or fix the DNS record, so your agents would keep connecting to the right ESMC Server.
  20. I have seen this error when the library files (Network.so..) were not correctly referenced from the code (the file path was incorrect).
  21. Hi jimwillsher, thanks for pointing this out. We have updated the guide to mention also backing up the custom SSL certificate.
  22. One more thing, it depends what OS do you use. With Linux, UPN format is supported With Windows SAM format is supported
  23. Hi, these sizes seems to be OK, so you can say not the database nor logs are growing 3GB per day. Are you sure it is caused by ERA Server app? Since when is this happening?
  24. Hi, similar migration is described also here: https://support.eset.com/kb6490/ and here https://support.eset.com/kb6492/
  25. Try here: https://support.eset.com/kb6114/
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