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Can I trial Eset SS version 6 if I have used trial with version 5?

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Hi I have already used a 30 day trial with eset smart security version 5. Now I want to trial version 6, can I do this with simply installing over version 5 or do I need to uninstall the previous version first? Will my trial for version 6 work if I install it over my expired v5?


I don't want to uninstall version 5 completely as I want to keep my current settings.


Thanks for the reply.

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You should have no problem installing a newer trial version over an older trial version, however, you will need to obtain a new license for use with the trial if the license being used has already expired. That may (or may not) require a call to ESET's sales department to arrange for a new license.

Personally, though, I would recommend doing a clean install, so you can go over every setting and see what has changed between the two versions.


Aryeh Goretsky

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