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  1. Maybe you should try to get data from 'Logged users history' category, not 'Logged users'.
  2. Two weeks passed, this problem still in there.. Why?
  3. Okay, that's a solution for now. But in ERA6, how could I assign x86 and x64 install files to deploy in one task?
  4. Did you process the issue? I've check the version of zh_TW package in repository still 6.0.12032.2. I create task to deploy it. But it always failed. There is an error message in trace.log "Error: CSystemConnectorModule [Thread bf0]: Software installation failed: Package is corrupted or incomplete". But I could make sure the file is fine. I run the file efsw_nt64_cht.msi to install from "c:\windows\temp\<random code>".. No any problem. I also do a test.. Choose the en_US package in repository to deploy in the same task, it work well. Please check it if you need fix something in y
  5. Could you check the repository of ESET File Security 6.0.12035 version? Why all of languages have been updated to 6.0.12035 except zh_TW language? Thank you.
  6. Thank you for your reply. My license is for EES/EFSW. And I activate from EFSW gui directly, it can work. So I wonder the license is right.
  7. I want to install ERA Agent in Windows XP SP3. But I got the 'Run As' message box after run EraAgentInstaller.bat. If I change the line in EraAgentInstaller.bat echo.UAC.ShellExecute "msiexec.exe", params, "", "runas", 1 to echo.UAC.ShellExecute "msiexec.exe", params, "", "", 1 It can work. Do I have to change something to resolve the 'Run As' problem?
  8. I create a new task to activate EFSW from ERA6, but it failed. If I activate from EFSW gui, it work. Could someone help how to resolve this problem? Thank you.
  9. sdnian


    Found a bug in Traditional Chinese.. Please check below two screenshots. It's the same but different language. You could check the 'VERSION CHECK STATUS' filed. It show empty in English, but show '開新視窗(N)' in Tradition Chinese version.
  10. The value of CacheRoot is "C:\ProgramData\Apache HTTP Proxy\cache"
  11. Hi Marcos, I've PM you two days ago, did you get it?
  12. I used EEA 5.0.2237.1 in Windows XP SP3.. Most time it work well. But sometime the egui.exe will use high cpu utilization. If this situation happened, the computer has to reboot or it will freeze continue. Could someone help me to resolve this problem? Thank you.
  13. ESET File Security 4.5.12011 upgrade to 4.5.12015
  14. Hello, I'd like to upgrade a computer via 'Upgrade Windows Client' function, but I got failed. The error message is 'Upgrade processing error. error code: (7,3)'. What does the error code mean? How to fix it? Thank you.
  15. could we upgrade 3.x/4.0.x/4.2.x to 5.0.2214 with PCU method ?
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