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  1. Okay, I got it. In ERA 6.4, I have to do more step that click 'Add tasks' to see client tasks. Thank you.
  2. Sorry, I wonder that you are misunderstand what do I ask. I mean click a computer from computer list then choose 'Run Task...'.
  3. I try to Run Task from a computer in ERA 6.4. But I don't saw any tasks, no any tasks in "Task" section. And there is red triangle in there, it show "There is an error in this section". Like below screen shot. But if I select "Client Tasks", there are some tasks in there. And I could use "Run on.." to assign the computer to run this task. I test it in few different ERA 6.4 servers, all of them have the same issue. But no this issue in ERA 6.3. Is it a bug in ERA 6.4? How to fix it?
  4. Hello, I sent you a PM. When will release newest version of EFSW to fix this problem?
  5. I tried to activate from client directly, I got an error code ECP.4100. What is that mean? And I really want to complain why can't show useful message in ERA Web Console.. The message "Task failed in the security product" is hard to understand what happened.
  6. I'd like to activate an EEA by task from RA Web Console, but this task failed, it show 'Task failed in the security product'. How to fix this problem? Server: ERA 6.3 in Ubuntu 14.04.3 LTS Client: Windows XP SP3 In client, the status log seems fine. The log files: last-error.htmlstatus.htmltrace.log
  7. There is currently no other authentication method available. Communication between ServerApi and ERA Server itself uses TLS so it should be safe in case ServerApi methods are called in safe manner. Regardless of previous I would strongly recommend to create specific ERA user (with limited permissions, i.e. only for reading specific data) for ServerApi connection. We are not aware of any documentation for PHP. We only come across tools using c++ or python to handle API calls. Do you have any documents or sample codes that using python to access ServerApi ?
  8. I saw the timestamp is January 12, 2016 9:38:56 AM in the digital sigunatures tab. I try to download ERA 6.3 from ESET website. It has newer timestamp. Remove ESET Remote Administrator Server then install the newer version. The issue be resolved. Thank you for your information.
  9. I've an ERA server 6.3.136 running in Windows 2003 SP2 x86. All clients can't connect to ERA server. But if I restart eraserversvc, some clients could connect to ERA server. But it just could work only for few minutes. Then all clients can't connect to ERA server again. In client, I check the status.html, it show the kind of message: Error: CReplicationManager: Replication (network) connection to 'host: "" port: 2222' failed with: The connection will be closed due to timeout I've check the processes in the ERA server, the 'eraserver.exe' is running. And I could logon to web
  10. In ERA 6.3, RDS version is 1.0.1049.0.
  11. I get a very old version of procmon, it could run in Windows 2003 with EFSW be installed. So I get logs and memory dump for you, please check PM.
  12. According you mention IE x86.. I do some test and I am more clear about this issue. In Windows 64-bit OS, if no any x86 process in memory, to use EEA scans memory, it will get zero object being scanned. I've tested to run 7-zip x64 and Chrome x64 before EEA runs scanning. The EEA scan result still is zero objects. But ESET NOD32 Antivirus 9.0.349 has no this situation. Whatever any x86 process exists, it always no show zeroes object being scanned.
  13. If ERA 6.3 can't support re-installing ERA Server, when original ERA Server crash.. I've create a whole new server. How can I recover a new ERA Server that does not lose any setting? I mean that I've backup original ERA Server DB before ERA server crashed.
  14. I've told ESET distributor about the bugs few months ago, but ERA 6.3 still no fix. The "WORST FUNCTIONALITY PROBLEM" field.. if everything is fine, it should be blank, not show Zero. OBJECT "URI" not "URL"
  15. EES/EES 6.3.2016 still have the same problem. No fix it yet.
  16. EFSW 6.3.12004 have the same problem. Does any ESET staff take care it?
  17. I backup and restore DB from another to the new one. Then I drop 'era_user' account before installing ERA 6.3. But I always get failed message. I also try to keep 'era_user' account, then install ERA 6.3. But I got the same error message. So could you please tell me what is the right procedure if I'd like to migrate DB from another server to new one? Thank you.
  18. I've backup ERA 6.2 database from another to a new server. And I've installed SQL Express manul and restore database into it. Then I run 'Setup.exe' to install ERA 6.3, but uncheck 'Microsoft SQL Server Express'. it always show 'Installation failed. Do you want to installed components?'. What's wrong? I've do it many times in ERA 6.2, it all work well. Why ERA 6.3 can't do it with the same procedure? InstallReport.htmlServer_x64.msi.logServerUninstall.log.txt
  19. I use Thunderbird (38.4.0) and use pop3 with STARTTLS connection to receive email. I check the EES, no any emails been scanned. Is EEA/EES can't support STARTTLS or it's a bug?
  20. Hi.. HSW, thanks for your information. But I think we have different issue. It's not about what product that clients used, EEA or EES.. It is about we should have enough information to monitor what happened in every client. That's why we used ERAS. By the way.. This top post these logs, it is because the computer has been installed two Chrome extensions. Every time launch Chrome, EEA show several alert messages. But EEA doesn't detect any malware. If these logs don't send back to ERA Web Console, how can I find out this issue?
  21. I saw the log files in EEA, there are some records in the "Filtered websites" page. But I can't find out where are these logs in ERA Web Console? Could someone figure it out, please? Thank you.
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