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  1. Computers are controlled by a firewall and only a limited number of specific websites are accessible. After installing EEA 7.3.2039, using a browser to connect to https sites is very slow and may even time out. If I turn off the SSL/TLS protocol filtering, it will be back to normal. Does EEA's SSL/TLS protocol filtering feature need to connect to certain IP addresses? Or how can I fix this?
  2. This issue seems to have occurred after I upgraded ESMC 7.2, maybe there is a tweak or something in the new version that is causing this problem.
  3. This is one of the clients that failed to upgrade, the error message is in Chinese, this kind of message also appeared before, why this is an Invalid utf8 leading byte? software-install.log
  4. I run the Client Task from ESMC for Software Install to Upgrading EEA 7.3, most Clients succeeded in the upgrade, but a few failed and one of them displayed the Trace Message as follows: What does that mean? ESMC Server 7.2.1266.0, Agent 7.2.1266.0, Client OS: Windows 7/10
  5. I'd like to block https://www.youtube.com/. In URL ADDRESS MANAGEMENT, I add a record *.youtube.com. I've tried IE/Firefox/Vivaldi, https://www.youtube.com/ been blocked. But if I use Chrome to browse https://www.youtube.com/, EEA don't block it. If I block others domain, for example: *.facebook.com, then https://www.facebook.com/ been blocked in IE/Firefox/Vivaldi/Chrome. EEA version: 7.2.2055 How can block YouTube form Chrome?
  6. @Marcos Why are the contents of these two files different? hxxp://repository.eset.com/v1/com/eset/apps/business/ees/windows/v6/6.5.2132.5/ees_nt32_enu.msi hxxp://download.eset.com/com/eset/apps/business/ees/windows/v6/6.5.2132.5/ees_nt32_enu.msi
  7. About 7 hours ago, there is a new version fixing tool. It works these versions now: 6.5.2094.0 6.5.2094.1 6.5.2107.0 6.5.2107.1 6.5.2118.0 6.5.2118.1 6.5.2118.2 6.5.2118.3 6.5.2118.4 6.5.2123.5 6.5.2123.7 6.5.2123.8 6.5.2128.0 6.5.2132.1 6.5.2132.2 Read this: https://support.eset.com/en/alert7396-legacy-products-startup-issue
  8. If I have ESET Endpoint product 6.5.2132 running on Windows XP. After use the fixing tool, do I need to upgrade 6.5.2132.5 ?
  9. I've few EEA 6.5.2132.2 (XP SP3), run this tool failed. The message is "Can't rename ekrn.exe!" How to resolve? Others work well.
  10. This issue only occurs with 6.6.2089 can be updated normally.
  11. Thanks for your reply, I know how to manage the new exclusions.
  12. I've two questions about policy settings.. 1. The EXCLUSIONS settings of policy in the sam ESMC server, why have different setting items? 2. The 'Detection exclusions' setting, if the client is EEA/EES < 7.2, could apply this settings?
  13. @Marcos @pps First time, you try to disable firewall, don't close the popup asking password window, to disable firewall again directly. If you still can't reproduce it, I could record a video to demo it tomorrow.
  14. The EES version is 7.1.2053. I've set a password protect in EES. When I right click the EES icon in the systray, click 'Pause firewall (allow all traffic)', a popup window appears asking for a password on the screen. Just ignore it, right click the EES icon to pause firewall again. Then the firewall been disabled now. It seems a bug, please check it.
  15. @Peter Randziak Hello Peter, There are two servers (um11.eset.com and um13.eset.com) still get error code 4100 so far, could you check it?
  16. It work now. Thanks for your help.
  17. I don't think there are some files blocked and I have make sure there are enough disk space. I use Procmon to record the process. I hope to help identify this issue. Logfile.zip
  18. Since yesterday, the MirrorTool (Windows version) could not get updated with error code 4100. I checked several ESMC servers and all showed the same error. If something wrong? How to fix this situation? PS: The Linux version of Mirrortool still works. Mirror Tool, Copyright (c) ESET, spol. s r.o. 1992-2018. All rights reserved. Creating mirror for product: ep7. Mirror type changed to regular Initialization Initialization finished Perform full mirror started Update status for product 'ep7' changed to: Preparing structures and analyzing Update status for product 'ep7' changed to: Fi
  19. You are right. It can be updated successfully after a reboot. I will consider how to avoid memory problems. Thank you for your help.
  20. I have a server, EFSW modules update failed. I've tried to clear cache. But it doesn't help. The log show: Compiler error (1b5a). How to fix this problem? I've tried to uninstall and reinstall EFSW. It can work well. But few days later, this issue happened again. Windows Server 2008 SP2, EFSW 7.1.12006
  21. Thanks for @MartinK and @Peter Randziak help. I have found a solution to resolve this issue. The Sophos Firewall have a function - Web Proxy, it works as transparent proxy mode by default, after I added a rule to bypass transparent proxy for ESMC host, the product activation works well.
  22. I think it might be related to Firewall - Sophos XG115w. But I can't confirm if there is SSL inspection so far.
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