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  1. Thanks for your reply, I know how to manage the new exclusions.
  2. I've two questions about policy settings.. 1. The EXCLUSIONS settings of policy in the sam ESMC server, why have different setting items? 2. The 'Detection exclusions' setting, if the client is EEA/EES < 7.2, could apply this settings?
  3. @Marcos @pps First time, you try to disable firewall, don't close the popup asking password window, to disable firewall again directly. If you still can't reproduce it, I could record a video to demo it tomorrow.
  4. The EES version is 7.1.2053. I've set a password protect in EES. When I right click the EES icon in the systray, click 'Pause firewall (allow all traffic)', a popup window appears asking for a password on the screen. Just ignore it, right click the EES icon to pause firewall again. Then the firewall been disabled now. It seems a bug, please check it.
  5. @Peter Randziak Hello Peter, There are two servers (um11.eset.com and um13.eset.com) still get error code 4100 so far, could you check it?
  6. It work now. Thanks for your help.
  7. I don't think there are some files blocked and I have make sure there are enough disk space. I use Procmon to record the process. I hope to help identify this issue. Logfile.zip
  8. Since yesterday, the MirrorTool (Windows version) could not get updated with error code 4100. I checked several ESMC servers and all showed the same error. If something wrong? How to fix this situation? PS: The Linux version of Mirrortool still works. Mirror Tool, Copyright (c) ESET, spol. s r.o. 1992-2018. All rights reserved. Creating mirror for product: ep7. Mirror type changed to regular Initialization Initialization finished Perform full mirror started Update status for product 'ep7' changed to: Preparing structures and analyzing Update status for product 'ep7' changed to: Finished Perform full mirror finished Uninitialization Uninitialization finished Error: Perform full mirror failed with error: Error extracting file. Error code is: 4100 Error occured.
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