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  1. You are right. The file LangData.dat didn't been updated. I replace it from another ERA server. It is okay now. Thank you for you help.
  2. I want to create a new report template. After click 'Add column', I saw four '<resource-not-found-0x710.....>' in there. Is something wrong? This ERA server just been upgraded from 6.4.295 yesterday.
  3. I've a Windows 7 SP1 x64. Can't connect to ERA Server after been installed ERA Agent 6.4. In the trace.log, it has a lot of error message: 2017-01-26 02:51:30 Error: NetworkModule [Thread 608]: Protocol failure for session id 36, error:Receive: NodSslWriteEncryptedData: Handshake failed to complete. 2017-01-26 02:51:30 Error: CReplicationModule [Thread fd4]: CReplicationManager: Replication (network) connection to 'host: "" port: 2222' failed with: Receive: NodSslWriteEncryptedData: Handshake failed to complete. It has been tried to remove and install several times. Even rebo
  4. # date 一 11月 28 09:33:55 CST 2016 # date -u 一 11月 28 01:33:58 UTC 2016 # date +%z +0800 I have not found same log. And I found a lot of below logs. It appear frequency every minue. No others 'CCleanupModule' log in trace.log file. 2016-11-27 23:37:46 Information: CCleanupModule [Thread 7f19d27fc700]: Initiating calculation of status snapshots 2016-11-27 23:37:46 Information: CCleanupModule [Thread 7f19d27fc700]: Finished calculation of status snapshots This ERA server has 600 clients. The 'era_db' database size is about 650MB. And I resolve this problem. It didn't happen ag
  5. I create a line ' edf.eset.com' in c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc\hosts. Then do product activation again. It has been activated! I wonder the IP address had some trouble.
  6. I've some clients report XP SP3 can do product activation. Could someone check it? I try to activate, I got an error code: ECP.20006. Using IE to browse https://edf.eset.com/edfgot below error message: This XP SP3 has been install all patch in Windows Update. I could corfirm that it support TLS1.0. I try to run this command: curl https://edf.eset.com/edfin this XP, I got this response message: <?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?><ecp:message xmlns:ecp="hxxp://www.eset.co m/2012/02/ecp"><ecp:response><code>20101003</code><message>Unsupported C
  7. This means SERVER is in state in which incoming connection are rejected. There are multiple possibilities what could be reason, for example: SERVER lost connection to database SERVER has connection to database, but it is accepting data faster than it is able to write into database (i.e. there are many pending logs). This SERVER is out of memory (RAM) In case it happens once a day, it may be caused by so called DB cleanups, which are performed at 00:00:00 of local time on SERVER - does it correlate with your findings?. Also please check status.html on SERVER from time it is not working properl
  8. I've ERA server v6.4 that be running in Ubuntu 16.04 x64. It keeps stop working in sometime every day. It is about one time per day. When the issue happened. I can logon web console and everything seems fine. But I found all clients can't connect to ERA server. The last connect field stop update. I've make sure there are a lot of clients are online in that time. Every time it happened, I ran 'systemctl restart mysql.service'. Then this issue was gone. All clients start to connect ERA server again. It seems MySQL problem. But in that time, I try to access MySQL, it's fine. Even I try to que
  9. I use EES 6.4.2014. I want to disable protection. Right click ESET icon then choose 'Pause protection'. Like this: But EES still detect a file by 'Startup scanner'. According my test.. The 'Startup scanner' be ran by schedule task 'System startup file check - Successful update of the virus signature database'. But I've do rollback. So it should not possible update virus signature database now. And this task should only run once per hour maximum. It be detected about 3 minutes one time. My questions are: 1. What is the right procedure to disable protection temporary?
  10. I want to use dynamic group rule to filter computers by gateway MAC address. Like the screenshot in the below. But it doesn't work. I try to change using IP address. It work. So if I use wrong MAC address format or something else ? I used ERA 6.4.295.
  11. Here is the settings: And my test code could send post data to Live Grid servers through proxy server or direct connect. It is the same result. So I don't think it's a proxy problem.
  12. Hi, I've an Apache Proxy Server.. EEA have use this proxy server. I also check the Proxy server. It is fine. And EEA work well, too. I also use Wireshark to capture the packet from another computer (in different network) that the Live Grid work. Then I write a simple code to do post the same data to ESET Live Grid server. To test if could get the right response data. It's really strange.. I run it in the computer that Live Grid doesn't work. My code could get the right response data. So I wonder it is not networking issue. But as I said, I've checked the Live Grid settings is enabled. So
  13. According this web page - hxxp://support.eset.com/kb5552/?viewlocale=en_US, I tried to download hxxp://amtso.security-features-check.com/cloudcar.exe But EEA does not block this connect. The file could be downloaded. I've checked the ESET Live Grid is enabled. And the firewall doesn't any rule to block tcp 80 port, udp 53 port. I also do a test to ping ESET Live Grid servers (hxxp://support.eset.com/kb332/#esetlivegrid). It could resolve IP address and get response. How to check why ESET Live Grid doesn't work? EEA version is 6.4.2014.2
  14. I've installed RDSensor for Linux version 1.0.1079.0. In the trace.log, it show the below error logs: 2016-10-13 09:46:23 Information: CPCAPDeviceSniffer [Thread 565fdb40]: CPCAPDeviceSniffer on enxb827eb718cf8 throwed error: Device open failed with error:enxb827eb718cf8: bind: Address family not supported by protocol 2016-10-13 09:46:33 Information: CPCAPDeviceSniffer [Thread 575ffb40]: CPCAPDeviceSniffer on lo throwed error: Device open failed with error:lo: bind: Address family not supported by protocol And it seems doesn't work because no detect any devices. OS: Ubuntu 1
  15. I've open support ticket one week ago. But I didn't get any feedback from ESET until now. I try to send a email to ask. But the system repay me it was closed already. Are you kidding me? By the way.. I've installed ERA 6.4 in a new Ubuntu 16.04/MySQL 5.7.15.. It has the same problem. So I think that is a bug.
  16. Okay, MartinK. Thanks for you help. I'll open support ticket to ask for help.
  17. I've take a look Server's trace.log, but I don't find out any obvious error. Or could you take a look. trace.log Here is another query output: # mysql --host=localhost --user=root --password era_db --execute 'SELECT * FROM tbl_etl_event_csn; SELECT MAX(CSN) FROM tbl_log_task_client_event;' Enter password: +----------------+----------------------+----------+ | plan_name | table_name | last_csn | +----------------+----------------------+----------+ | sp_clientTasks | tbl_client_task_aggr | 139021 | +----------------+----------------------+----------+ +----------+ | MAX(CS
  18. The server has running several months. I think the first version is 6.2, because I remember that it had been upgraded twice. (6.2 -> 6.3 -> 6.4) Most Agent are 6.4.283. And I've try to do your workaround, but no luck. The 'PROGRESS' is still empty. And the 'THREATS' show an error number now. A few minutes later, the error number in the THREATS is disappear.
  19. In client tasks page, the field 'PROGRESS' is empty. Like the screenshot in the below: If I select any one of these client tasks then choose 'Show successful', 'Show failed'... there are history execution records in there. How fix it? ERA Server v6.4.304.0 ERA Web Console v6.4.266.0 OS: Ubuntu 16.04.1 LTS MySQL 5.7.13 Thank you.
  20. This function is a great improvement. Hope ESET to release it soon.
  21. Thanks for jimwillsher and MartinK reply. The "Installed software . Repository language" is good for my need. But could ESET let it been used in the Dynamic Group Template? So I could easy to upgrade different language of ESET software via client task.
  22. I'd like to upgrade EEA/EES/EFSW from ERA Web Console. But I've different language been installed in my company. How could I get the language of EEA/EES/EFSW, so I could assign the right task to upgrade it? Thank you.
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