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  1. The documentation only shows examples for Windows programming. Are there examples or tutorials for Perl or other scripting/programming languages?
  2. Thanks - I moved them all to a newly created group that everyone has access to.
  3. There are accounts on our ERA server that have permissions only to devices in specific static groups. After the 6.5 upgrade the dashboard reports are no longer available to them. I cannot find the permissions required to enable these reports to be seen again. How do I make these reports available again?
  4. Just getting into the API documentation a little and have a couple of questions. First, is there a way to generate API secrets and keys instead of using plain text user names and passwords? Second, is there any existing documentation on pulling the JSON data using PHP?
  5. I've had a few cases where a computer was built and activated then immediately replaced with another using the same name. This caused the same issue where the reported license usage was higher than I'm actually consuming. Like MichalJ mentioned it's best to run the deactivation first, but in those cases I had to have ESET support manually remove them.
  6. I think the order I ran them in was: 1. Attempt "stop managing" task (pretty sure that did nothing) 2. Manually remove the record from the database: Open the era_mdm_db database select * from Device (to get the DeviceID you want to delete) delete from Device where DeviceID='yourdeviceid' 3. Rebooted server 4. Deleted in the ERA Web UI Hope that helps.
  7. I had a kernel update that required a reboot so I went ahead and rebooted the ERA server. I was then able to delete the device and it did not return. @MichaelJ, you had suggested that I stop the MDMcore service. I see that in the documentation that it should be registered as a service in linux and allow for the 'service MDMcore stop/start' commands but that was not the case on my system which is Debian 8. I did locate mdmcore at /opt/eset/RemoteAdministrator/MDMCore/eramdmcore but have not found any documentation on how to stop/start/recycle it individually.
  8. Woah that is huge for 1 device. What are you using for your database backup method and how often is it occurring? Log truncation cannot happen until a backup is done. Perform a backup of both the database and the transaction log of type FULL and then attempt to shrink the log. PS - no, don't delete the transaction log.
  9. Just adding to this with an update... I started with mobile connector 6.3 so mine wasn't a record from 6.2 or previous. I haven't had the chance to stop the MDMCore service but attempting to remove it from the database didn't work. I took a guess on which database and table, used database era_mdm_db and table "Device". The device is still there in L&F.
  10. I tried the delete and it came back again. That was after 14 hours of the "stop managing" task still in a Running state. When it reappeared all of the data came back with it, and it still shows the task as Running.
  11. I created this task but after 6 hours it's still "running". The device is now gone, for this purpose let's say it was dropped to the bottom of the Atlantic. Is there a mechanism for forcefully removing devices that cannot check in?
  12. Strange one... a test Android device I had connected in ERA, and deleted last week, keeps reappearing in the Lost & Found container. I delete it again and within a minute it reappears. The last contact date is on March 8, which was when I wiped the device. What could be causing this to reappear?
  13. I upgraded one of my Android devices to v6 (Marshmallow) about 28 hours ago but the ERA console still shows it's Android 5.1.1. The phone has been in constant contact with the ERA server and the "Last Contact" time is current. How often does the device report the OS version?
  14. Thank you. Will this be a update on the RA component or the app for Android?
  15. I'm testing the management and anti-theft features on Android and every time I unlock a device after being locked from the ERA it turns the WiFi off. When the WiFi is off I basically lose all manageability. How can I prevent ESET from turning my WiFi off?
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