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  1. Hi I'm looking for a way to remove some PUM.Dns infections on a customer PC. Virus Total flags it as a Win32.WisdomEyes.It seems to be uploading data at various times causing up to 100% cpu resources. Eset EndPoint does not pick it up on scan. ADW picks it up and removes some files if the pc is off line but once the pc is back on line back to square one. Any help appreciated.... Just to note customer pc is used from 6am to 10pm 7 days a week with 4 to 6 users. I have tried numerus tools to try to remove it with no success ie. Scan / removal Online - Offline etc. Regist
  2. Has anyone experience this virus attaching itself through Google Docs? My daughter's school issued laptop is not picking it up but when she logged into her google account on my Mac to print her document my Anti-Virus goes off 16 times. Any idea how to clean this up off her Google document? They are a group working on these documents though. I am surprise Google doesn't have built-in virus protection maybe an opportunity there Eset. :-)
  3. Surfing (for a new door) tonight, my wife ran her 64-bit Win7 Ultimate into what's apparently a 'tech help' scam (screen shot attached). Couldn't shut the tab in Chrome so Task Manager-closed the whole browser. Upon reboot began to run NOD32, which promptly reported a blocked boot sector in the logical drive I park data in -- not drive C: but an E: I carved out of the hard drive back when. NOD32 was finding NO infections per se but a lot of corrupted files; so I shut the machine completely down. Before I turn it back on, should I load Eset's ERARemover or what? Nobody in this forum nor webwide
  4. Excuse me,but I need a help. I can't find any solution from google's solution and facebook pc group. My flashdrive got a trojan virus from cyber cafe which cannot be defined. I used nod32 to scan but still can't remove it. My pc got that virus because I plugged in my flashdrive. The virus named:Trojan downloader:win32 wauchos A The Problem: I use the nod32 to scan my whole pc many times,but it still show up errors. The pictures are based on the nod32 logs. I can't find the virus location nor can remove it. I used show hidden files,usbfix,avast antivirus and microsoft safety sca
  5. Teslacrypt 3.0 now appends .mp3 to the names of all encrypted files. Basically, it is the same virus that changes its minor features. The just-surfaced version of this ransomware comes up with its original names of the ransom notes: H_e_l_p_RECOVER_INSTRUCTIONS+[3-characters].png H_e_l_p_RECOVER_INSTRUCTIONS+[3-characters].txt H_e_l_p_RECOVER_INSTRUCTIONS+[3-characters].HTML Teslacrypt 3.0 holds data stored in a computer system for ransom. The data remains on a host machine. The virus applies a sophisticated encryption so that any application cannot read the affected files. To render file
  6. I have a server infected with a ramsomware. ESET File Security has not detected the threat. He renamed spreadsheets (.xlsx) for the .LeChiffre extension. Do you have any removal tool or recovery of files? Thanks. André L.R.Ferreira
  7. Today when I was doing something on the web, Google Chrome connected by itself to api.wipmania.com. This was totally unrelated to the sites I was using (at least I believe so). I wouldn't even have know about it, except that NOD32 showed a warning that Chrome is attempting a secure connection to that site, but with an untrusted certificate. I googled that domain and most results were about viruses. So I figured I'd gotten a virus. Also, this site says the virus (which they say accesses that domain) can control the traffic of chrome.exe. My question is, what do I do now? How do I remove t
  8. I do not lock my web site is clean my website is www.fullextremo.com now I hope your answer is clean I do not lock my web site is clean
  9. I used the ESET SysRescue Live CD recently on a friend's computer which is having issues with someone with malicious intent spying on it and their accounts, but we have no idea how, or if the problem is even linked to malware at all. The scan came up with this one file is identified as a threat: /media/LocalDisk2/Windows/System32/MRT/3AC662F4-BBD5-4771-B2A0-164912094D5D/FilesStash/8084C12D-55D6-8FA0-7260-10BEA64DD6E4 - probably a variant of Win32/Toolbar.MyWebSearch.P potentially unwanted application - action selection postponed until scan completion ESET just identified the threat, but
  10. I keep take notification every 25 sec about this url:hxxp:// differentia.ru/diff.php and with ip: and i don't know what to do to delete the site. my version is eset NOD32 8.1 home edition. Thank you
  11. Dear Support, I would like to know what can be done for the alert which is detecting this toolbar being installed part of the real player program, how can i control this behavior of eset alerts of shown as critical can i remotely do the deleting of this file on a case by case or set this particular program exe as unwanted and for removal list. Please advise as many users have this shown as threat , where as an admin has no control on remotely deleting this installer files. thanks shaik
  12. Dear forum, as i booted my computer today i experienced some strange behaviour while browsing any browser. Almost every page i visit is beeing blocked by eset smart security with a notification for a potential malware (JS/srcInject.B Trojan). Normally i would suspect that a single site or maybe two has problems with an ad beeng served over a third party server. But some of the sites dont display any ads at all. I suspect the infection is on my end and the trojan is trying to send me to another malicious site to download some more malware. I've already run a smart-search, nothing found
  13. ESET has been detecting and deleting the same virus from the same location every day for the last few weeks. According to the logs which I have attached, every morning on startup the virus gets deleted which means that it is being reinstalled every 24 hours. I have run a bootable bitdefender disk a few days ago but it did not succeed in killing this particular virus. Any responses are appreciated Thanks, Dan
  14. Hi, so I was going to upload some files from my pendrive to my computer when It begins to "detect malware". I selected a file in order to upload it, and it was deleted, along with all the other files. I looked in the recycle bin and they were not there. My file history was not turned on, so a copy of those files on my pen drive were not saved. I don't know what else to do! Please help.
  15. Inserted older 2Gb flashdrive (generic?) into Toshiba Satelitte L500 laptop running Windows 7 ESET (Smart Security 4 All-in-one Internet Security PC Download Version) scan started at 6:29 PM Then screen went black - user quickly removed flashdrive in fear of bug in system Messages displayed: "Waiting for background programs to close: Line across screen "Closing programs and shutting down" CANCEL button - when selected nothing changed/happend Lower RHS desktop time / clock displays 6:33 PM - even though several hours have now passed. Internet was not being u
  16. I use veracrypt to decrypt my truecrypt drives. Yesterday, I ran veracrypt, and the dialog/box that came up was fully (99%) in some arabic scrollwork...NOT English so, I thought, after closing and reopening with same results, maybe I could 'remove' or 'uninstall' the program, then re-install? Right? Wrong...the uninstaller was in Arabic Not English either...so I didn't know what buttons to push on the dialog box... finally, I used the uninstall without tracing log feature, (Revo Uninstaller Pro) and it has been uninstalled...I have yet to download and re-install Veracrypt...bu
  17. Hello. My name is Stanley and I am the developer of Polarity Browser. A couple of my users have informed me that Polarity is being detected as a false positive by ESET. According to my scans on VirusTotal, it is currently detected as a "variant of MSIL/Packed.Confuser.J suspicious". Polarity is indeed compressed and obfuscated to protect it from theft. VirusTotal results: https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/2655c02f1b29872f55572847cc97064888a41aa97718f40d3fe49b1630400ceb/analysis/1440980966 I hope you guys understand and reevaluate this program. It really does mean a lot to me as
  18. Dear ESET, We have a situation where ESET Endpoint AV could detect a malware but failed to quarantine or remove the Win32/Filecoder.EM.Trojan. Based on ESET URL hxxp://kb.eset.com/esetkb/index?page=content&id=SOLN2372, There is no malware removal tools for Win32/Filecoder.EM.Trojan. We have run full scan and do the necessary to delete the infected machine with ESET Endpoint Antivirus however, the malware still unable to get clean. Please refer below image for your reference. For your information too we have been submitted the file for ESET analysis. The scan was done under IN-Depth
  19. Hello! I have a problem with my professor Computers, affected by “LNK/Agent.BO Trojan” that spreading by USB disks. The Eset NOD32 Antivirus installed on my own computer already has identified and deletes it. But I can’t install the Eset antivirus on my Prof. computer for some reason. Therefore, I found a way to clean the USB disks by DOS command line but I need to clean up the Computer manually. I should also mention that his MacAfee antivirus database contains the virus but does not work because the virus operation. I would greatly appreciate it if you show me a procedure to eliminate that
  20. Operating system = Windows 7 home and Eset Smart security 8 I get this Trojan warning: Win32/Fynloski.AM RegSvcs.exe(4004) een variant van Win32/Fynloski.AM trojaans paard opgeschoond door te verwijderen RegSvcs.exe(4004) een variant van Win32/Fynloski.AM trojaans paard opgeschoond door te verwijderen RegSvcs.exe(3456) een variant van Win32/Fynloski.AM trojaans paard opgeschoond door te verwijderen RegSvcs.exe(3456) een variant van Win32/Fynloski.AM trojaans paard opgeschoond door te verwijderen RegSvcs.exe(3456) een variant van Win32/Fynl
  21. Merhaba (Hi), ESET virus was not detected. maybe you want to add to the database, I share with you the file link. I want to help you. It's worth adding to your database. I help you, eset virüs database + Many people have a difficult time remaining Many people have a difficult time remaining. Many people have a difficult time remaining Virüs: Dosyalarım.exe link: hxxp:// www18.zippyshare.com/v/amEh6ikY/file.html thanx, I help you I help you It's worth adding to your database It's worth adding to your database It's worth adding to your databa
  22. I got 2 recent HP PCs in Win7 64 bits with NOD32 v8 running with the most restrictive settings, our payement software detected the presence of a version of dridex/dryer not seen by nod32 : how is it possible to get rid of it ?
  23. Hi every one. Having a hell of a time trying to remove TOP8844 from my desktop. I have Nod32 installed but it is not capable of removing this pest.. Does some one knows a tool to remove it? Having searched hi and low the Internet e nothing seams to solve it.. Best regard fro Brazil
  24. Hi, Upon loading my website is showing Threat: HTML/ScrInject.B.Gen virus and the site is put in quarantine, blocking access to it. I've cleaned the files, installed Sitelock, used other tools to find any bad code, and asked my host (hostgator) to scan and remove any suspicious or infected files from my wordpress installation, which they did. However the site is still apperantly hacked with an inject. Database was also checked. Could it be a false positive? If so, why? Can you provide more information on the line of code that the software picks up and deems a threat? Tha
  25. Hi, I have noticed a blockage trying to visit a multi media installer website the other day. Checking on eset cyber security pro, I found this virus quarantined 3 times. Here is the log content 21/03/14 17:12:50 HTTP filter archive hxxp:// www.connectmult imedia.com.au JS/Agent.NKW trojan connection terminated - quarantined 747john 21/03/14 17:11:51 HTTP filter archive hxxp:// www.connectmultimedia.c om.au JS/Agent.NKW trojan connection terminated - quarantined 747john 21/03/14 17:11:16 HTTP filter archive hxxp:// www.connectmultimedia.co.au/hom e-page JS/Agent.NKW trojan connectio
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