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  1. Hi guys, i want to deploy a ERA Proxy Server on a Windows Server 2012 R2, the problem that i ran into was, my ERA 6 Server is installed as an appliance on VM Ware. Is it possible to connect the ERA Proxy on Windows 2012 R2 with the ERA appliance? Can i use the ERA DB on the appliance or do i have to install SQL Server Express? Network connection to the appliance is no problem.
  2. Hello, i want to create a trigger with a cron expression for activating a product. The task should run every 15 minutes every day. I already used a CRON Expression generator for that, but ERA makes only a daily Job out of it. Is ERA not supporting running a job every 15 minutes? Could someone create a CRON expression for me that works?
  3. There is another Installparameter "REGISTRATION_TYPE" its set to 0, what happens if i set it to 1?
  4. Is this a commandline parameter? Do I have to use it like this "ees.msi /qn INSTALLED_BY_ERA=1" or do i need an mst file to configure it?
  5. Hello, i want to install ESET Endpoint Protection silently with Baramundi Management Suite and i want to add the license key in this step as well. Are there any manuals which Parameters i can use with the msi install file and is there a manual how to create a mst file for Endpoint Security?
  6. Hello, i´m testing ESET ERA and EES at the moment. I have installed the ERA Server already and now i´m trying to install EES 6.2 on Windows 10, the unattended installation is working, but the client is not registering with the server and wants activation after the installation. I have created a mst file with help of the ERA help file, but its not working. Registration Window is still coming up. I have added the P_HOSTNAME, P_PORT, P_CERT_CONTENT and P_CERT_AUTH_CONTENT into the the mst file. Also tried to issue a new Agent certificate with a passphrase and used the P_CERT_PASSW
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