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  1. It's AVG Antivirus 2014 on both 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7 Pro machines. Should I assume from the KB link you provided that AVG cannot be uninstalled via ERA? Should I assume that the AV Remover will only work locally on 32 bit machines?
  2. I have over 300 client computers that still have AVG installed despite having created and run numerous uninstall tasks to remove it. I have been using the Uninstallation setting "Third-party antivirus software (Built with OPSWAT)" to define the software to be removed. The results are usually complete failure. If I choose "Application from list" I don't even get AVG in the list of packages to uninstall. There are dozens of other software programs that are detected, but never AVG. Does anyone have a more reliable way to build an uninstall task for AVG anti-virus? Thanks, Don
  3. A change I would really like to see implemented in ERA is to show the Windows computer description along with the computer name. Please don't make me enter a description for every one of my computers showing in ERA, just show the description that is already set up in Windows Control Panel/System Don
  4. I'm still new to ESET ERA, so this is not always obvious to me, and documentation is not specific in many areas. Many of my servers are ending up in the default Windows Computers group. I want to create a dynamic group that EXCLUDES servers. What is a good way to define a filter template so that it doesn't add computers with a server O/S? All of my computers have Microsoft server versions, no Linux, etc. Thank you in advance for any suggestions. Don
  5. Come on! I could really use some answers! What kind of way is this to run a support forum?? Do I have to wait a day (now two days) between forum post replies to a what should be a simple question? Why is there no live support? I have been posting on the forum AND I submitted a support question via that route with NO REPLY. This is absolutely crazy that a new ESET customer can not get answers. I'm not stupid, but the documentation and support information does NOT have the detailed level of information to answer my questions.
  6. Yes, we've deployed the agent via GPO policy to a couple dozen computers. They all show up under Windows Computers, and most of them still have AVG installed, but none show up in the new dynamic group. See the screen shot of how the template for the group is defined.
  7. Thanks for that information. I see what you're doing with that approach; Find "Computers with AVG" and dynamically uninstall AVG, then they dynamically become members of the "No Anti-Virus" group which triggers then ESET Installation task. Is that the idea? I've created the dynamic group for computers with AVG installed, and assume that group should populate before any uninstallation task can work, but nothing happens. From the context menu in the group list I click Scan and Apply Sooner, but no computers populate the group. Is there some step I'm missing? Don
  8. What is the level of ESET involvement in this forum? Do ESET technical staff monitor these forums in order to assist customers having difficulty with the product? After having limited success with Version 6 Endpoint Security deployment, not finding specific answers in the provided documentation, and posting very specific questions on this forum AND submitting a support request with specifics, I have no response from either approach. It seems like with Version 6 being as new as it is, the main source for information and technical detail would come from ESET. Is it unreasonable to expect a brand new ESET customer who has very specific questions about functionality with ERA tasks and deployment to get a quick answer from ESET?
  9. After several more days of attempting to deploy ESET 6 with removal of current AVG product, I have more questions. Because ESET V6 is so new, I will assume that ESET staff would be the ones with this knowledge, and I hope that one will reply. I have entered a support request on this subject as well, with no response yet. One of the problems with this approach seems to be the need to specify which product is to be uninstalled. If the installer is run locally, you get an interactive dialog in which you are shown a list of products that can be uninstalled, and you are required to specify the product before the process continues. So the question is, how to specify uninstallation parameters for the existing AVG product when creating an automated client task? Is this supposed to be done on the "Installation Parameters" line of the Setting menu when creating a task? If not, how is it done. Another possible approach: It looks like in the version 5 interface you can build a pre-configured installation package that can be run locally or pushed. Is there support for this process in Version 6?
  10. I'm a brand new Eset customer, still learning the ins and outs of Eset deployment. I find the documentation seriously lacking, and the ERA interface clunky. You mean I can't just check off a bunch of computers and say "run this task that was already created?" or click on a task and say "run this task on the checked computers?" Instead, I have MODIFY an existing task every time? And each time I have to remove computers from the list and add new ones? And each time I have to re-check the End User License Agreement? Way too many steps, and not intuitive at all. I look forward to the coming updates. All that said, I can successfully deploy Eset Endpoint Security V6 if I specify an installer package from the repository. However, I want to use one of the installer files that also removes the existing AVG anti-virus, but those installers are not available when I look in the repository. Why not? So I made a new task that uses the "Install by direct package URL" option, and I used this for the URL: hxxp://download.eset.com/download/win/ees/avremover_ees_nt64_enu.exe I run the task with this installer and nothing happens. The only way I was able to find the URL for this package is to hover on the Download button for the software in the downloads section. Is this version not intended to be used with an automated task? Has anyone had success with this Eset installer that removes existing AV? Don
  11. As a brand new ESET customer, I appreciate all the information in this thread. I wish I had read it a few days ago before downloading and installing the V6 ERA. Since I have yet to successfully deploy a singe agent to test, would anyone recommend that I download the V5 versions and start over?
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