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  1. It may end up being the RTM, but so far it's nothing oficial. Microsoft could end up releasing another Insider Preview for all we know. BTW, I'm also using it and it runs very well on my PC.
  2. I have V10 already on my family's computers, no issues so far. Everything working smoothly.
  3. Marcos, is the English V10 yet available?
  4. LOL, yeah. I really can't wait for the final release either.
  5. They are all in the same level though wihch is 2 stars. Don't forget that ESET has a lot of other components that prevent infection in the first place such as PUP detections and HTTP scanning that blocks any malicious connections so the chances of being infected are much better than the competition. In all the 12+ years I've been using NOD32, I never got infected and got 0 false positives. I understand. I've been an Eset user for over 10 years and just yesterday I renew my family's license to 2 more years. No complains on our side. I just got surprised (pleased tbh) that Microsoft is f
  6. What's really wrong with v10? I've running the Beta and find nothing really wrong with it.
  7. I can't believe Microsoft got higher points than Eset. Microsoft just game 1 point short of the Advanced+ certification.
  8. I wouldn't have thought so as ESET ormally advise a clean install once the final release comes out. It could have changed though. It may work but I have found that the best practice is to do a clean install of the final release. Some changes between the last beta and final may cause some issues. I have every intention of doing that when the time comes. I'm not online all the time and I didn't want a surprise of non working protection system when I boot up. Eset will more then likely have a final release out by the expiration date or extend the expiration date as needed.
  9. Will the beta automatically update to the v10 final when it is finally released?
  10. OK, it's true that you have to be careful about everything you download from every site. However, MajorGeeks has been the only software distributors I trust. BTW, this beta has been working fine so far on Windows 10.
  11. This is, yet again, affecting me. NOD32 has become a real pain in the *** after Windows 10 came out. It's not long before a virus signature/component update breaks things in the OS. Later on an update fixes things just to happen in the future again. It's happened way too many times. I'm sorry, Eset, but this time for real I'm not renewing my subcription. Enough is enough.
  12. I have to inform that with the latest modules update (right now) my Gmail account is finally syncing again. Thank you for the quick fix.
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