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  1. Kaspersky's take was that the vast majority of their support calls were from people messing with the advanced settings and not knowing what they were doing and making a real hash of it. They did have a list of registry settings for the increased tweakability, but they were not prepared to release them. The only (very minor) issue I have had with ESET for a long time (and it was reported), if I log out of Win 7 and log back in again, on the login Gamer mode is active. Cheers DrT
  2. I hope they do NOT dumb down the program like Kaspersky did theirs. I buy ESET because of its configurability. DrT
  3. Why oh why did you have to mention my BIGGEST hate of ESET and AV software in general? It ranks way up there with AV software being much cheaper from, say, Amazon, than direct from the company. Ping ESET:- Please stop insulting our intelligence and reign this in.
  4. If it is too much trouble for ESET to use, why have it? Surely, if they are going to go to the trouble to actually produce an updated version, it just makes sense to get it on as many PCs as possible. If the issues are not that critical, why update? I just cannot understand the (lack of) logic.
  5. Same here. I have 6 PCs to keep up to date and I gave up waiting for the program to update itself. I wonder if the feature even works? DrT
  6. My forum name will give you a BIG clue to my day job. I am a computer nut, all self-taught. I have 6 PCs and all multiboot at least 5 OSs - a mix of Windows versions and Linux Distros. ESET currently on all. My motto is "if it still works, I haven't tweaked it enough". I am also a licenced radio amateur and hold licences in two countries - England and Israel. TTFN DrT
  7. The interface needs rationalising. It is not always the case that all the options for a given feature are in the same place. IIRC, configuring the Idle scan needs two separate locations. When I was previously with ESET, I was concerned that thye main program was rarely updated. To me, as a customer, 'no change' means nothing good. No software is perfect as is not interface.
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