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  1. @ Itman Totally wrong I'm afraid. @ Everybody else I bought the amazon offering for the actual price that it was offered at, viz £23.99. It is a full retail offering and installed and activated without any issues. Also, the UK's biggest electronics retailer (Currys) is also selling the same item at the same price. Eset must be off their rocker if they think that I am going to renew at £75 when there are such cheaper deals available. So to all of you who can do no better than to spread FUD, you are wasting your money if you do not investigate further.
  2. The source is 110% trustworthy (Amazon) and the price has dropped to £23.99!!! Let's just forget that price at the moment (I won't) Eset is the most expensive option for me INCLUDING the loyalty discount. I could not get AV protection for eset's price anywhere else if I tried. Everybody seems to be offering new user discounts of up to 50%. One has to know where to find them...sometimes on has to setup an order and either cancel it or not complete it to get the best discount. The phrase about shooting one's self in one's foot springs to mind. Cheers DrT
  3. Eset is being very short sighted. I have 6 licences to renew at £75, yet I can not only get 10 licences of Kaspersky Internet Security for £29.99, every anti-virus seller is offering significant discounts (up to 50%) that make staying with eset too expensive and they will not budge on their price, saying that includes the loyalty discount! Cheers DrT
  4. I have 6 licences. Some PCs are stuck at 10.0.390.0 and will not update. My main PC updated to a good 2 weeks ago and the previous version is the latest available on the eset site.
  5. There has been at least one update since this thread started and the option has still to make a reappearance. DrT
  6. Hi Phoenix, I have been using ESET on 6 PCs for the last few years and it is only recently that the program update feature has actually done something. I don't know if has been pulled, but I still have a PC here that will not update its 10.0.390.0. Cheers DrT
  7. Marcos, Do you mean it's a bug that the pause protection has been removed from the right-click menu? It is not clear what you mean. DrT
  8. I have six partitions available in my Win 7 install. If I try to exclude a program on any other drive other than C:, the interface locks up and I have to reboot. It gets washed out, gets black boarders in each window and if I just log off and log on, the advanced options are empty. Not impressed with DrT
  9. @ ram1220 You do not have the latest version then. When it was a right-click away, I'm sure people did not do it accidentally. I have just stubled across it and I would like it back as a right-click please...NOW ;-). DrT
  10. Thanks for your answers, I will check the config here further. @Marcos, I will post back again if I still see problems, but I will wipe my exclusions lists first. Excluding individual items seems to work okay, but bloacking a folder using *.* does not seem to. Having major surgery in a few days so it will be a while... Cheers DrT
  11. I have placed a correct path to exclude from scanning, but every time I run the particular program, I get lots of "Potentially unsafe application found" warnings. It is a set of utilities that are perfectly legal and safe. How can I stop these warnings? Thanks DrT
  12. Hi Marcos, I came to the ESET site after seeing that 9.0.381 was available on MajorGeeks. The download page (see UPDATE below for URL) that one accesses from the UK site's home page STILL lists 9.0.375. The like you gave about has 381 available. Just for your info about the site error. Cheers DrT UPDATE:- Here is the URL hxxp://www.eset.co.uk/Download/Software/Product/EAVHfor the page I mentioned above.
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