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  1. Yes i did It updated once in 1 December to 9443 and the next update (9455) was in 4 December hxxp:// It skipped from 9443 to 9455
  2. Hi After updating Eset Internet Security to t the Bankning & Payment protection dosen't work anymore and at t Setup>Security tools, Bankning & Payment status is Non-functional
  3. Database updated today finally And the database version skipped to 9554 suddenly : 9443 -> 9454
  4. Hi It's been 3 days that eset mobile security hasn't received a database update wich is not good for an Antivirus I am just wondering is there any problem?
  5. Description: Perfect Behavior Blocker Detail: Eset is a perfect AV, But it dosen't include a good Behaviour Blocker, I know your HIPS is effective, but nothing can protect against Zero days better than a good Behavior Blocker All Eset need, is a perfect Behaviour Blocker
  6. Hello Thank you for ESET smart security 8 Please add a sandbox to ESET smart security Best regards
  7. Wow ESET smart security 8 is perfect It is better than smart security 7 and other antivirus Thank you