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  1. Yes i did It updated once in 1 December to 9443 and the next update (9455) was in 4 December hxxp://virusradar.com/en/update/android It skipped from 9443 to 9455
  2. Hi After updating Eset Internet Security to t the Bankning & Payment protection dosen't work anymore and at t Setup>Security tools, Bankning & Payment status is Non-functional
  3. Database updated today finally And the database version skipped to 9554 suddenly : 9443 -> 9454
  4. Hi It's been 3 days that eset mobile security hasn't received a database update wich is not good for an Antivirus I am just wondering is there any problem?
  5. Description: Perfect Behavior Blocker Detail: Eset is a perfect AV, But it dosen't include a good Behaviour Blocker, I know your HIPS is effective, but nothing can protect against Zero days better than a good Behavior Blocker All Eset need, is a perfect Behaviour Blocker
  6. Hello I've install internet security version 10 but there is 2 bug in new version 1:The notification for database update dosn't appear 2:Scan and malware cleaning speed is so very low on my system (it was so fast in 9 version) Please fix these Thank you
  7. So bring an auto-reply system, pleaseThen we are sure that you have received our files Thank you
  8. HI I have sent you almost 7 pack of infected files but you didn't reply me ever about results in the past you would reply me when i sent a Infected file for analysis but now you don't
  9. Thank you for your Quick reply (Just In 4 minute )
  10. Hi Did you improve ESET against ransomware? and what about your behavior blocking? Thank you
  11. Hi when will you release version 10 of your apps, probably? I'm waiting for that
  12. Hello why don't you add iran to your virus radar map? add Iran please and at last i wan to say THANK YOU for protecting my PC for 5 years
  13. Hello why don't you add Iran to your virus radar map? please add Iran i want to say thank you for protecting my PC for 5 years Best regards
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