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  1. @CB530. Thanks for Information. Had 5.1 installed but can't find the Option to Export the installer script. Neither on send via email nor on Export the osx package is listened. the Option you mentioned in your link did not work, cause osx has no ssh deamon running and i've no credentials for These maschines. The procedure on Windows is providing the user a link where he can download the installer (300 kb), which he can doubleclick and nod installed unattended. So how can I provide such procedure for osx? THX a lot, Best, Meg
  2. Not really ^^ Thats "How do I run a Computer scan in ESET Cyber Security or ESET Cyber Security Pro? (5.x)" I know how to create and deploy packages for linux. But the packages eset provides after extraction aren't well formed. So if a user try to install both packages, he possible get up in a bad situation. if someone trying to install the client on a system, where allready the server is installed, the user should have warned and these installation should have been denied. (eg uninstall client/server first). on rpm based packages you can solve this with "conflicts" (see hxxp://www.rpm.org/max-rpm/s1-rpm-depend-manual-dependencies.html)
  3. @itmscd, thx but 2 Problems on that solution: 1st, i do not have the username/pw for the specified Clients 2nd, there is no ssh deamon running on osx. so as descriped, the procedure of "remote" installing must be initiated by user/Client. That works fine on Windows, but not on osx/Linux and so on. But possible this Feature will be integrated in ERAS 5.1?
  4. Did someon read what users wrote? I have no Apple Remote Desktop (AFAIK it isn't free?). I have no SSH root Access to the user maschines. I Need a package like in Windows, which the user can start and which will installs automaticly without user interaction. It's possible for Windows, it's possible for Linux (via deb/rpm package) but i can't find a way to manage that within osx. THX a lot Best, Meg
  5. Is there any possibility to create unattended installation packages for osx like in windows? Even if i create a remote install package in osx, if the user started it, esets asks again for configuration and so on. thx for help To specify the problem: no apple remote desktop no ssh access to clients => An unattended solution like in windows is requested. Export an install script or the whole installer, which user only starts but have no possibility to configure anything. If this is not possible, is anyone knowing a alternative solution like putting the installation package in a multipackage and doing the installation via console script? best, meg
  6. In that case, he could simply use the provided esets_setup.sh (or wrote an own one).
  7. ATM it is not possible to do a push installation on osx/linux (as also discuessed here). If you have ssh root access to your macs, you possible could push the installation...
  8. ESET Product Name: esets/lsb-esets ESET Product Version:4.0.10/4.0.79 Operating System: SLES Also, can you provide more details on the packages you mentioned? The Packages conflicting each other. There is no conflicts atribute in specs file. So both packages could be installed concurrently, but will not work.
  9. why these both packages not conflicting each other (by default)? I do not think that both can running on the same time, right?
  10. Will these credentials stored on the phone or only used for activation?
  11. Ok. Is there any possibility to active ESET Endpoint Security for Android via ERAS? I don't want to hand out our credentials to the enduser.
  12. How can i change the url of the update server in ESET Endpoint Security for Android via remote admin or preconfigured (like in windows solutions)? Best, Meg
  13. @mceisel: Nope, sorry. I'm searching a way to remote installing linux and osx packages like windows packages. Import into ERAS, create/change custom config, export installation script. At the end, the enduser had to double click the executable (or deb/rpm package) and no further interaction between user and installer is nessesary. Works fine for windows packages, but osx/linux packages can't selected in export dialog of ERAC. There is a possibility in ERAC to remote install the package via ssh on osx/linux, but i need a script which is executed by user.
  14. Is it possible to export the remote installation script for osx/linux, which creates the ssh connection, load and install the package? Would be nice to deploy the packages like in windows. Export the remote installer (300 kb), and provide it for the user. Or did anybody know, how to access the ERAS Remote Install API?
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