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  1. any way to accessing the appliance management gui via ssh? Thanks a lot, meg
  2. Cause the remote component upgrade task failed: ReadUpgradeStatus: Upgrade infrastructure task failed: Error upgrading with installer '/tmp/d85e-7315-34f1-413e/MDMCore-Linux-x86_64.sh': Command failed (exit code: 2) How can I Upgrade the MDMCore by hand? Manual only describe installation but no manual upgrade. Thx a lot, meg
  3. The APR based Apache Tomcat Native library which allows optimal performance in production environments was not found on the java.library.path: /usr/java/packages/lib/amd64:/usr/lib64:/lib64:/lib:/usr/lib Is this lib necessary? How to install in Appliance?
  4. Thats almost what I wanted to know To use my license in V6 ERAS, I have to convert it on https://ela.eset.com. My question was: can I still use V5 ERAS after converting the license to a V6 format?
  5. Hi there, when upgrading the "old" license (username/password and lic file) to V6 license informations, will the old license remains valid? THX a lot, best Meg
  6. If there is a new minor version, e.g. 5.0.2254 -> 5.0.2260, will theses features (e.g. Support for Office 2016) also available via module update to older version? (e.g. 5.0.X or even 4.X)? Or should always done an upgrade via upgrade task/PCU? THX a lot, best, meg
  7. you could try to upgrade the ERAS manually via running the .sh from ssh-console. Do not forget to upgrade the Web-Console. Also check if execution is successful in task details. best meg
  8. PUSH installation is not possible. The upgrade procedure is providing the user the "remote installer" (300K) which is started by user manually. The installation mostly failed with this error line: "Status 2902, ID 103: A package with the same name has already been installed on this computer." This isn't a problem of ??? -> 5.0.2260. I think the problem is, that the eri only checks package name, not package version
  9. Suggestions? Same for 2242.2 -> 2260.1. Except removing registry key before every update or creating new package in era every new update.
  10. Same Problem after upgrading Console from -> Reopen the webpage solved it. (Funny that restart the tomcat and even reboot the whole vm did not solve it)
  11. Theres a grayed out trigger option named like in subject. Seems to be very helpful for automated updates. But option is grayed out. Is there any way to enable it or is it only a feature preview? Thx a lot, best meg
  12. Funny... Exact this thread is the first notification since the date Did you fixed something?
  13. since 9.11.15 I do not get any notification emails for threads i'm subscribed anymore Can someone check please?
  14. Yes, it is. You will find the command on line 525 within the installer. Didn't know, if it is allowed to post a solution here...
  15. Yes, it is. You will find the command on line 525 within the installer. Didn't know, if it is allowed to post a solution here...
  16. ***Push*** Still have the problem (even in 4.5). No param for extract only without install? Funny that the binaries try to install rpm and bsd on deb systems :/ oh, I see, there are no other params as --skip-license. Why not provide the possibility? (E.g. to use company internal repositories for deployment)
  17. In V5 You can put the ESET Data, where you want by setting up a cluster installation (1 node cluster). Didn't know, if V6 had this feature to.
  18. +1. Had a few support tickets, none were resolved. Product is a POS and support is non-existent. Try ERAS 5. It also has some bugs by design, but it works in almost any use case.
  19. How to deploy ESET Endpoint Security (for Android) to a various, not specific number of clients? On ERAS 5 we used the following way: User gets the apk, installed and click the configuration link. DONE. Client is listened in ERAS, gets updates and can be managed. How to do this on ERAS 6? THX a lot, meg
  20. Hi martin, thx for support. I think it is working now, except this. Best, meg
  21. Android.tiff How to authorize such device? trace.log: 2016-01-18 10:22:19 W [244] Cannot handle request 2016-01-18 10:22:21 W [23] Cannot handle request 2016-01-18 10:22:21 W [26] Cannot handle request 2016-01-18 10:22:22 W [7] Cannot handle request BTW, the tracelog includes DB password in cleartext
  22. Signed copy with every brought of 1000 or more licenses ... I'm in
  23. Hi there, after staying 45 minutes in the german support hotline (without success), where to get these (9?) ESET/NOD songs from Nigel Cook? MP3 songs from ESET is not working anymore thx a lot, best, meg
  24. Thx for response. Installed via autoupdate, not using any iso. But today I realized, that EA isn't fully uninstalled. It is still listened within software. But services, start menu etc is removed. Up on that, there is still the problem, that realtime protection is disabled after every restart on build ?10565? Edit: After repairing and setting autostart realtime protection again it seems working on 11082. Can't test on Version 1511.
  25. Is it yet (6.2.200) possible to created unattended/protected installers for the agent (Minimal dialog, no possibility to cancel the process) like in V5? Seems the exported batch file isn't signed, so simply change msi params would done this!? Dim params: params = "/qr /i" e.g. using /passive or /quite or /qn... Whats the /i for? Case it isn't signed, how to prevent some one from changing relevant params? Is it finally possible to protect the uninstallation of the agent (and the endpoint protection) via password? Thx a lot, best, meg
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