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  1. To solve my own problem: The documentation missing the --aa param in introduction. (Which is set in start menu)
  2. When starting eracmd it do not ask for login credentials. Looks like it assumes the default credentials, cause I get an 2007 error. Even when providing credentials via params I got this error. Anything to consider? THX a lot, Best meg
  3. Hi, is it possible to create a group which includes all clients with a special update mirror? Or setting the mobile flag to these computers? THX a lot, Meg
  4. Ticket is already open Looks ESET also didn't know what their own errors mean ^^ Have 2 tickets (an old one and a new one) and in non of them eset told me what theres errors mean :/ Do you think logging to syslog will be more understandable? I think the messages will be the same no none.
  5. Happens on some computers. Latest ERA is running. Client Versions differ. The more interesting questions is, what tell me this error messages, not how to work around them.
  6. Could someone please explain the following error messages? <SESSION_ERROR> CCServiceRoutine(HandleClient): Failed client handling, code: 3 <SESSION_ERROR> CCServiceRoutine(HandleClient): Failed client handling, code: 5 <SESSION_ERROR> CCServiceRoutine(HandleClient): Failed client handling, code: 21 <SESSION_ERROR> CCServiceRoutine(HandleClient): Failed client handling, code: 22 Thanks a lot
  7. Dear ESET Support, is there any support for NetApp filers in file security? Or any whitepapers how to integrate eset in ONTAP? Thx a lot, Best, meg
  8. Is there anywhere a (complete) list of dependencies for the different linux packages? As for now, I know that lsb-esets conflicts esets (see https://forum.eset.com/topic/560-lsb-esets-vs-esets-on-rpm-system/) Furthermore any 64 bit package (lsb-esets, esets) depends on libc6-i386 and on awk. THX a lot
  9. Hi, is there any way to update/replace the license files in File Security remotely (via ERAS)? Thx a lot, Best, Meg
  10. Is it possible to generate notifications only on Events which occurred on Special scanner modules (like imap, Pop or mail). Alternative, is it possible to set the object (E-Mail) in the notification filter? THX a lot, Meg
  11. Thx, but if I remote uninstall eset, am I able to reinstall (do not having root credentials)
  12. Try to update von 2225 to 2228. Not possible And what means: Did 2225 not working within 8.1U1?
  13. @marcos, are there any possibilities to control nup updates via update mirror? E.g. only provide this update for a special ip rage or only for a special version (update only if you run 5.X or lower than 4 etc)?
  14. You can grep them from the SQL DB. Didn't know if the dbms supports insert triggers which write to syslog.
  15. Huh, that I didn't know. As far as I remember, on PCU the user was notified that there is an update and he can decide, if and when he will do it. I thougth the "update client" option was more like an remote install (user did get not notification and cant decide anything). And as I remember, it was like that!? On the other hand: automatic PCU vs. "upgrade client" On PCU, eset deployed the packages and the admin has nothing to do... on "upgrade client" the admin has regularly check for new versions, check if theses versions are complatible, create RI packages, check for old clients and has to deploy these updates. So, a lot of more work for your customers. But I will test the "upgrade client" feature if you're right. THX for the informations.
  16. For our behavior, yes I do not know wich services, tasks and software currently running on all our clients so pushing a new installation could possible harm them. I think it would much better to let the user choose when he installs the upgrade.
  17. The last fully automated working PCU, I can remember was 2.7.39 ^^
  18. Solution: Reselect zertificates with full path in setup/upgrade routine.
  19. <2014-02-19 16:20:26> PrepareCertificates: Entered <2014-02-19 16:20:26> HTTP_SERVER_CERTIFICATE_TYPE: "PEM" <2014-02-19 16:20:26> HTTP_SERVER_CERTIFICATE: "configuration\cert-5610657217347144-rz-antivir.pem" <2014-02-19 16:20:26> File was not found <2014-02-19 16:20:26> ERROR: Certificates were not prepared! <2014-02-19 16:20:26> Execute sequence terminated with error <2014-02-19 16:20:26> SafeServiceOperation (type=1) <2014-02-19 16:20:26> Starting prior server 'ERA_SERVER'... <2014-02-19 16:20:26> Direct start failed (code=5) <2014-02-19 16:20:26> Using netshell to start service... <2014-02-19 16:20:28> Netshell returned: 2 <2014-02-19 16:20:28> Service operation was successfull... File exist. Cluster installation, no generated certificate.
  20. Thx god there is Platypus. Problem solved. Over and out.
  21. ***PUSH*** Any suggestions or ideas? I've that problem since almost a year Neither the support nor the board could solve it
  22. tried to enable mac adress renaming from valid to valid? (fund in advanced options)?
  23. THX, so, is there anything planned to solve this problem? Are there any known work arounds? e.g. Build a metapage which copies the shell script to tmp and launches the installation?
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