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  1. When upgrading ESET Clients, you should uninstall and reinstall. Had a lot of trouble that clients lost their configuration after doing a manual or automatic upgrade. (include the setting to connect to the eras)
  2. setting winbind use default domain = Yes let wbinfo -i <username> works, but wbinfo -g (which is used by eras) still not work.
  3. Downloaded the german version, but after installation, it reported as 4.1.97. Old version or wrong version number? Best, meg
  4. "Triggers everytime a client joins the dynamic group: Computers with outdated operating system" Possible it didn't see that the OS is outdated?
  5. Can't get winbind running complete. wbinfo -u works, ntlm_auth works, but wbinfo -i meg failed to call wbcGetpwnam: WBC_ERR_DOMAIN_NOT_FOUND Could not get info for user meg wbinfo -g failed to call wbcListGroups: WBC_ERR_INVALID_RESPONSE Error looking up domain groups Winbindd Version: 3.6.23-14.el6_6 OS: CentOS, ESET Appliance Any ideas or conclusions? Samba Settings: [global] workgroup = RZ server string = Samba Server Version %v security = DOMAIN log file = /var/log/samba/log.%m max log size = 50 wins server = 1xx.1x.1xx.1xx idmap config * : backend = tdb cups options = raw
  6. Not needed, the ERAS did it himself via "Operation System update" task
  7. :/ So we have a.) no control over the configuration and b.) no control over our licenses?
  8. After upgrading to 6.1.450, where can I change the language of the user interface? seems there are two values in config.cfg, but didn't know which values represents the other languages. THX 4 help
  9. ***PUSH*** Any how to use ldap (openldap) as a direct authentication/syncronisation backend?
  10. Send an Email to the user (and/or provide an website, where he can download the agent). In the point of migrating von 5 to 6, I've got the same question. How deploy the agent (e.g. via ERA5) without interaction with the user (like an V5 Upgrade).
  11. Hi, some questions about the Agent: How to prevent agent to get removed by the user (on ERA 5 we have the password protection)? - On Windows - On Linux - On OSX What happens to the client if the agent will removed? - Licenses - Updates - ... Thx for informations, meg
  12. Is there also such a solution for Mapped Domain Security Groups?
  13. I think rekun is right. ATM I didn't see any way for a working (automated) migration from V5 to V6. We have 1500-2000 Clients from V5 down till V3 (cause eset removed the PCU - seems it didn't work proper, like the remote upgrade). In this point of view, the new architecture seems a bit more robust and stable but there need to be migration pathes.
  14. Same for 4.2.67 -> 5.0.2237 4.2.71 -> 5.0.2237 ERAS 5.2.26 These Version updates works on other Systems. Is there any Matrix which updates are possible?
  15. Thx, will try a domain join later. A LDAP only user backend isn't possible?
  16. So it looks like I have to join the appliance via winbindd to the existent samba domain? Is this anywhere documented?
  17. Hi, tried to download the german language version today. Site told me it should be 5.2.26. Installer told me that it is 5.2.22. Any fixes which aren't described in the change log? (E.g. the remote-upgrade problematic?) Best, Meg
  18. I could, but this has no effects. Cause it is an appliance, i think it is not recommended to chance anything on the hostsystem? No official statements? Guides?
  19. Why that increase of complexity? So I had to setup and maintain X mirros (for every version) insead of one? Is there anywhere a matrix which software can update from which mirror?
  20. Nope, i got an error. Thats why I ask where I can configure it. Or is it a windows only feature which uses the local windows settings? (Running the appliance on centos)
  21. Noone? Not possible? But why the "mapped domain security groups" entry?
  22. Where to setup external authentication sources?
  23. Yeah, seen it after ask this question But there is no all in one Appliance? Is it supported/recommended to install the mdm rpm on the RA Appliance?
  24. Is it possible to install or add the mdm to the server appliance or is it not nessary for managing eset on mobile devices?
  25. Works fine for me. (zypper/yum repository) Whats the concrete problem?
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