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  1. Hi Hungtt, I'm glad you deployed it successfully. We're aware about this information, which might be confusing. As you followed installation guide I believe, everything went smoothly.
  2. Hi Superzpy, Yes, Windows 10 and Server 2016 are supported by EVS for NSX. I'd recommend you to do some POC with our partner to help you onboarding with ESET Virtualization Security
  3. Hi Superzpy, I'd like to correct Peter a little, unfortunately version for vShield doesn't support that version, only version for NSX, which is only product in full support. In case you've migrated/plan to migrate to v6.5, please consider upgrading vShield Manager to NSX Manager. Thank you for understanding
  4. Hi Rimvydukas, currently if you would like to use own certificate from ERA for vagent host, you have to deploy it with pre-installed certificate and then using ERA policy for vagent host change certificate to your own from ERA list. Please tell me if you were able to do that.
  5. Hi Hungtt, In current version we're officially compatible with NSX 6.2. You can find list of supported OS here: With next update, we'll introduce support of NSX 6.3 and list can be found here: We're working on Linux OS support in same update. List of supported Linux OS is available here: Thanks!
  6. Hi Gungtt, Aren't you trying to generate report for day same day? According to documentation, "Reports can be created for e-mails older than 1 day. Same-day reporting is not available." Thanks
  7. Hi Rekun, If you deploy ESLC per server, you'll get rid off latency, however database of scanned files is big as # of VMs. If sample was scanned with modules 3 version older than actual, new scan is performed (to avoid that because of lack of information we marked some file as clean, however it's malicious). If you deploy ESLC per location (datacenter/cluster...), some lag will be introduced, however # of VMs in grid will be much higher and thus benefit is higher too. Only hash with reputation is transferred so network load will be minimal. I'd recommend this solution. (configuration in ERA will be easier as well)
  8. Hi V2TW, 1, we'll need to analyze this log. Thank you for submission 2, please follow userguide here: section 7.3 3, currently Linux guest introspection is not supported, but it's planned for version 1.6
  9. Hi Randy, yes, we do support use of dvPortGroup or Migrate Virtual Machine Networking. Are you running on NSX / plan to do so, or not?
  10. Hi Raz, i think it would be the best solution to re-deploy vShield. Please make sure you uninstall it properly. 1, un-register all EVSAs 2, uninstall vShield endpoint via vShield Manager 3 delete and re-deploy vShield Manager and ESET products
  11. Hi, we've tried to import your license and it went without any problem. Please try to use sudo prefix and also check MD5 (command: md5sum <filename>) to see, whether it was downloaded properly. It should end with *214c Thank you.
  12. Hi, I'd like to point out, that in case you have 10 servers with 10VMs on each, only these 10VMs are offloading scanning to security VM appliance (EVSA), which is deployed on same physical server (in this scenario, you'll have 10 EVSAs in your environment). If you'd install 10 endpoints on each guest VM I'm not sure, whether you'll improve utilization. It's however true, that our Endpoint is safer that VMware vShield solution. It's up to customer, whether he wants more security or better utilization.
  13. Hello, please follow your 2nd topic: thank you
  14. Hello mmww, unfortunately version 4.x doesn't support blocking of file types yet. It's planned for version 6, which is planned for 2017. Thank you for understanding.
  15. postfix amavis email security

    Hello nordlead, It's not possible to use a dedicated server for EMSL, it must be installed on the same server as your MTA or amavisd-new.