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  1. Hi Daryll, There is no official scaling document yet. Please, could you tell us, how many VMs do you have per Host (interval) and how many hosts do you have? Thank you
  2. Hi Tommy, as data in ESLC are not permanent and serves as a cache, it doesn't make any sense to backup them. What I'd advise you is to do a VMware snapshot after configuration and putting offline. Basically, data which were in cache 2 days ago are not valid now (due to updates in ESET product modules, which could change the cached results)...
  3. EVS deploy error

    Hi Randy, did you follow precisely manual for installation: ... and I mean really precisely? What exactly do you mean with "upload NSX"? How customize template is after uploading NSX? Flow should be: assuming VMware NSX manager and everything is configured download and deploy evs_nsx.ova ... during this process, you'll customize template ( ) connect to deployed template and choose "register to NSX manager" go to VMware vCenter > Networking & Security > Installation > Service Deployment > Add ESET Service (Virtualization Security Appliance) Please inform me if that helps. Thank you very much