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  1. Unfortunately there is nothing smart... as smart I mean that it'll detect automatically what is local drive and what is shared mount. In such case only option (v4.5.x) is to do an exclusion - in ERA/ESMC policy > Antivirus > Exclusions > Files and folders to be excluded from scanning :set there mount points of shared drives. Hopefully if you have multiple servers, they're mounted on the same spot so one policy can solve that issue for all. We're very sorry for inconvenience.
  2. Hi EJ, this function is currently not supported and will be supported with new version 7 (right now it's still not supported in current beta 1). You can however play with it if you like. To sign up for testing, please follow this thread:
  3. Matus

    Issues with OS X client after upgrade

    Yes, it's known and will be fixed in upcoming update. Seems that there is some miscommunication. We're sorry.
  4. Matus

    Issues with OS X client after upgrade

    Hi J-gray, we're looking into these issues and splash screen as well as kernel extension error will be fixed within next update planned for beginning of the new year.
  5. Hi Vqhuy, as vShield is End of Life (https://kb.vmware.com/s/article/2144733), I'd advise you to deploy VMware NSX (only part responsible for AV which is free, not networking stuff). In such case, please find compatibility list here: https://www.vmware.com/resources/compatibility/search.php?deviceCategory=security&details=1&partner=611&page=1&display_interval=10&sortColumn= &sortOrder= What you're interested in Guest Introspection (successor to vShield) with documentation available here: https://docs.vmware.com/en/VMware-NSX-Data-Center-for-vSphere/6.4/com.vmware.nsx.admin.doc/GUID-049EF8ED-224C-4CAF-B6E7-1CD063CCD462.html Long story short, you can deploy newest NSX on vCenter 6.5 with ESXi 6.0 and it'll run fine.
  6. Hi da_yoshman, There should be no negative impact in case latency to ESLC is in acceptable numbers. Unfortunately, it's not possible to say how much impact did Cache brought to you. All connected endpoints did 160.000 requests to Cache for the result, however, it's not clear how many of them received a valid result of a scan. In case you've same files which are not whitelisted, it could bring benefit. However, it might happen that there are stored scan results of files which don't exist on other computers, so these results did not provide any benefit to other computers.
  7. Matus

    EES 6.7.500 Crashes Macs

    Hi Matthew, Please could you submit all logs to support team for further investigation? Have you enabled "Live Grid Feedback system" when installed directly or "Submit anonymous statistics" in ERA/ESMC policy? This would send us crash logs immediately once it happens. Thank you