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  1. Hi Hawkunsh, it's quite hard to say it just like that via forum, as we don't have any logs or other info, but in case you've a EDTD license and ESMC proxy, then: a, due to different replication times of servers to proxy and it seems that in exact time proxy wasn't available b, because there are healing methods during module updates period ------- A & B will be improved in the next module update. If you however don't have EDTD license, such things should not happen and in such case I'd ask to contact support via official channel so they can troubleshoot that properly. Thank you very much
  2. Hi guys. We're very sorry for the inconvenience. We'll surely adjust a tooltip. To your question, why suddenly it starts to appear is that we've added a new message in case license is not available and it was implemented in current AV module 1548. In next version 1549 we'll also provide a more specific description of the error in computer details > alerts. Also, we've adjusted behavior in an environment with ESET proxy, so in case you have licensed EDTD and you experienced some issues, it should much better. Thank you for understanding and we're really sorry for inconveniences.
  3. Hi Guys, if there is a portion of endpoints which reports some error message please check, if a particular endpoint has EDTD license. Go into ESMC Computers > Show details If you don't have it, for such endpoints you'll need to do a new activation task. We've started to show proper information via module update, that why it's sudden. We're also working on a way how to add such endpoints into Dynamic Group in ESMC so some "join dynamic group trigger" or recurrent activation task can be planned.
  4. Hi Brandobot, you can find logs from installation in /var/log/install.log, however, please know that there is more information than just log from ESET products. I'd strongly recommend contacting support directly - https://www.eset.com/us/support/contact/?intcmp=btn-support-request#/business-support/install-activate-endpoint-product/install-endpoint Thank you
  5. Hi EJ, It works a little weird due to architecture which is solved in v7. Let me explain. By executing OD scan in webGUI or command line "esets_scan", settings from product (esets.cfg) (or ERA policy) are not applied. You'll need to use parameters (check -h). In such case, please use following task: sudo /opt/eset/esets/sbin/esets_scan --exclude="/root" /root executing scan from ERA uses utility /opt/eset/esets/lib/esets_sci which is checking esets.cfg file and in such case it'll exclude what is defined. This is however not usable much for executing via command line as you get no output into console when you use esets_sci Does it make sense for you?
  6. Unfortunately there is nothing smart... as smart I mean that it'll detect automatically what is local drive and what is shared mount. In such case only option (v4.5.x) is to do an exclusion - in ERA/ESMC policy > Antivirus > Exclusions > Files and folders to be excluded from scanning :set there mount points of shared drives. Hopefully if you have multiple servers, they're mounted on the same spot so one policy can solve that issue for all. We're very sorry for inconvenience.
  7. Hi EJ, this function is currently not supported and will be supported with new version 7 (right now it's still not supported in current beta 1). You can however play with it if you like. To sign up for testing, please follow this thread:
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