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  1. Mateus thanks for hint. I deleted EVS and redeploy it, next wait some time and delete GI and redeploy it. Wait some time and all services are UP now and green. Thank You
  2. Ok so I deleted EVS over vCenter console, redeploy, EVS boot up and works fine, activated it over ESMC but none of agentless machines are connected and Gust introspection status is Guest Introspection service not ready. I checked: /etc/init.d/vShield-Endpoint-Mux status and I have: vShield-Endpoint-Mux is running NSX-Context-Engine is running Should I delete Guest introspection and redeploy it?
  3. Sorry - too little coffee So have to delete EVS, GI, vAgent host and redeploy EVS from vcenter?
  4. Hi Mateus, thanks for quick answer. So does it mean I have to delete EVS, Guest introspection and Eset vagent host or just redeploy EVS from Eset Security Management Center?
  5. Hi, I have 2 datacenters (different locations, different VM host configuration) and the same error with EVS. There wasn't any config changes, upgrades, etc.. EVS – version 1.7.1 Vmware vSpehre - VMware vCenter Server Appliance NSX Manager – v. Guest Introspection - Once I login to vCenter I saw red exclamation marks on Eset Virtualization Security (error: Guest Introspection SVM status ) and VM hosts (error: Guest Introspection Host status). At Eset Security and Management Center each EVS hase a status: Product is installed but it is not running. After some investigation I saw that all of Eset Virtualization Security virtual machines boot to console with error: cannot access daemon setup - see attachment. What is wrong? I can't find any logs.
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