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  1. what will be the exact version # of this hotfix? any news about this issue today?
  2. Do you mean this version (7.2.2072.0) that did not exist before when this v7.3 auto-shutdown issue started being reported in this forum topic? hxxp://us-repository.eset.com/v1/com/eset/apps/business/eea/windows/v7/7.2.2072.0/eea_nt32.msi.changelog.html
  3. Doesn't "enabling automatic product updates" mean it would be even more troublesome if we had to roll back the product version if a newly officially released version has major issue again (i.e like this computer-auto-shutdown case)? This is exactly why I manually test the newly released upgrade on my testing computers first.
  4. @Marcos, could you or someone from ESET please explain what's going on with this case right now?
  5. Somebody from ESET should be responsible to fully explain how this troublesome issue happened. Not sure if everyone from the ESET Tech Support team(s) is always keeping communicated with ESET QA and development teams about details of every released version of ESET products.
  6. Please explain in more detail of why 'do not recommend running a scheduled task too often'. In this 'computer auto-shutdown after scheduled scan' case, your ESET product cannot be kept updated. Some people may have different opinion that at least a smart scan should run daily.
  7. Per your changelog, is this already a known issue in v7.2 or different? Please explain this confusion. This did NOT happened on any of our computers that has v7.2 installed. another 2 weeks means Windows 10 computers that are "stuck" with ESET v7.2 can't be upgraded version 2004 of potential BSOD issue (https://support.eset.com/en/alert7506-windows-10-version-2004-bsod
  8. This issue doens't fully make sense. Please explain what exactly happened on your developers' testings. Screenshot below, why this issue mentioned in the changelog of v7.3.2032.0 or this is a different issue?
  9. not reboot. the machine gets "shutdown" even though the the scheduled scan task's "Action after scan" has the "no action" option selected. The ESET EndPoint AntiVirus itself's computer scan's "Action after scan" option has changed from "no action" to "shutdown". This issue did NOT happen in vVersion 7.2.2055.0 but in the v7.3.2032.0 changelog it says this issue is "fixed"? ("Fixed: A finished on-demand scan initiated from central management console can result in shutting down the scanned computer even without activated shutdown option.") This is a huge issue for cooperate computers that need to stay on 24/7! Right now we had to roll back to v7.2.2055.0.
  10. We don't use MS Exchange Server so we don't use ESET Mail Security. May I confirm: In this module not-yet-updated case, is the ESET Dynamic Threat Defense any useful for MS Outlook users if the detection engine hasn't had this new virus data? If yes, what exactly more protection layers does EDTD has comparing to only have the ESET EndPoint AntiVirus installed in this case?
  11. detection engine still in v21365. should be v21366 by now but still not. please check asap. thanks.
  12. [TRACK#5EC6A2EF0178] from the ESET Malware Response Team's reply.
  13. since customers submitted a threat example to ESET Malware Response Team and after they have confirmed replied that "The detection for this threat will be included in the next update of detection engine." 6 times a day means every 4 hours which isn't it too long? i.e. shouldn't it be once every 30min? what happens if before the update kicks in and computer already affected because of this? or is the real-time engine gonna have another layer of protection? just trying to understand exactly how ESET works.
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