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  1. It fails stopping ekrn. So I guess the only thing I can do is safe mode uninstall right?
  2. The Management Agent installs/uninstalls fine. Just not File Security. I think the issue could have originated from Windows Smart Screen. When I originally tried to deploy, it failed saying try to install locally. So I did and that's when I got the Smart Screen block... I disabled that and tried to reinstall.
  3. If I run the All in One Installer, it will fail. Unless I don't have the Management Agent installed, then it says everything is successful. But still doesn't list in Programs/Features.
  4. Hi I installed File Security on a server, well it failed but partially installed, so I thought. When I rebooted, the GUI and everything works like it supposed, it reports to ESMC and everything. But what I found out, it doesn't list in Programs/Features. Before I rebooted I tried running a Software Uninstall from ESMC and it was not detected. Is there a way to remove and reinstall without booting into Safe Mode? Thanks Reggie
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