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  1. Thanks @Marcos i called myself searching for this tool. ive accidentally installed Domino security instead of Exchange
  2. Hello Mail Security will not uninstall from Management Center and not listed in Add/Remove Programs. Can someone send me a manual procedure to uninstall Mail Security for IBM? Thanks
  3. Hello Needing a script to run in my management tool to see if Endpoint Security is installed or not. Thanks
  4. Yes I’m hoping we don’t have to reboot after every installation/upgrade. I understand why but as said updates are coming pretty frequent and requiring reboots, which is partially on MS yes. End users need to work and not worry about fixing their computer all the time (@ MS not necessarily ESET). (I feel like a beta tester for MS at this point) It appears to me protection is not active until rebooted, at least on the recent 7x versions (I haven’t tried 8x for this reason yet). And the SSL/TLS issue is still up in the air.
  5. Anyone ever seen Endpoint show the last update check a time in the future and console says "not updated recently"? Thanks
  6. It's something to do with the SSL/TLS I think, I disabled protocol filtering and it's been working fine for over 2 weeks.
  7. Had to uninstall yesterday to get my email to come through Outlook. As I said everything e-mail related in the policy is disabled. Someone said it shouldn’t matter but I also added exclusions for OST/PST files and the Outlook directory. It seems it takes a day or two for it to slow down but when it does it’s unusable.
  8. I will try this if problem continues. I’ve been using the latest version a few days and *I think* it’s good. Thanks.
  9. @Peter Randziak Just had to uninstall ESET AV because Outlook wouldn't open on a customers machine, they're using Comcast IMAP.
  10. Whats the best method to have ESET not prompt clients about outdated versions? For example I had one client asking me about the AV going out of support and it was only 1 or 2 minor versions behind. As quick as you release version updates this shouldn't happen. I know of Endpoints (not managed by me) that have version 4 and 5 in use and still receive definition updates etc. There should be a better method of receiving program updates. For example, if you run a program/version update, Windows prompts no AV installed etc until reboot. And as I said as quick as you're releasing program updates it's already outdated before it reboots. Just my thoughts.
  11. Hey @Peter Randziak Thanks Yes already tried that as I said before. Tech support and I disabled everything email related in the policy. They couldn't confirm the issue, but if I use it for more than a day or so it's really bad. I don't think it's my machines. Desktop is Intel i9 CPU with SSD, Laptop is Intel i7 with SSD (my phone doesn't have this issue). The server is sitting right next to me, it's running Xeon with SSDs under light load. But I can tell you if I uninstall ESET AV Outlook w/ IMAP is very responsive, where as it was taking 5-10 minutes (or more sometimes) to send a message or update a folder. Mailbox size is only about 2.5GB.
  12. @Peter Randziak I'm not sure what else to do, aside from loading a machine fresh which I haven't had time to troubleshoot much further yet. I did add exclusions for the Office Directory and PST/OST files (all email security functions were previously disabled in the policy). However I'm still convinced it's ESET somehow, I mean it only occurs when ESET is installed. I had to uninstall it to get my email, that's very inconvenient. I'm determined to find out exactly whats going on just haven't had much time to work on it. I thought it might be an Outlook Addon I was using but I uninstalled it for about a week and it made no difference. Side note: I'm using Linux Mail Security 4x on the IMAP server. I'll post back any findings. Thanks
  13. @LesRMed thanks Yes I keep thinking that. It worked fine for a couple years and all of a sudden my laptop started doing it. A month or so later the desktop. And I’ve had a couple customers with minor issues. i can uninstall AV and Outlook runs fine, reinstall and then it may be good for a few days and right back to slow. im getting real anxious now. Maybe I’ll reload a machine and go from there, but I do have a newer desktop it’s on rn. So idk. Probably something I’m overlooking or goofed up in my policy.
  14. Also, Outlook hangs sometimes and will not close (must use Task Manager). Not just mine, my client also, but they're using Exchange.
  15. Hi @Peter Randziak I don't think it has helped. I had to uninstall again. Just FYI I do have all the Email Options disabled in the Policy. Is there anything else I should look at it? Thanks
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