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  1. @LesRMed thanks Yes I keep thinking that. It worked fine for a couple years and all of a sudden my laptop started doing it. A month or so later the desktop. And I’ve had a couple customers with minor issues. i can uninstall AV and Outlook runs fine, reinstall and then it may be good for a few days and right back to slow. im getting real anxious now. Maybe I’ll reload a machine and go from there, but I do have a newer desktop it’s on rn. So idk. Probably something I’m overlooking or goofed up in my policy.
  2. Also, Outlook hangs sometimes and will not close (must use Task Manager). Not just mine, my client also, but they're using Exchange.
  3. Hi @Peter Randziak I don't think it has helped. I had to uninstall again. Just FYI I do have all the Email Options disabled in the Policy. Is there anything else I should look at it? Thanks
  4. @Peter Randziak Thanks, I will try this for a few days and report back. I contacted support a few days ago about this and basically couldn't duplicate the issue while we we're on the phone. But I can confirm on my Laptop/Desktop it's still an issue. But I will try this and report. Thanks
  5. Hello, Still pretty slow. If anyone has any suggestions please post here. Thanks
  6. One thing I haven't tried is excluding OST/PST files and the Outlook directory, will that for a while.
  7. Hello After a few weeks of narrowing it down, reinstalling etc. I've determined that IMAP is terribly slow in Outlook 365/2019 with ESET Endpoint AV installed. Even with everything email related disabled in the policy etc. If I reinstall it, it does fine a day or two, then its back to dragging. Any suggestions on how to fix this? Thanks
  8. So theres 2 version of File/Mail security (v4) and you must install the oldest available for the policy to work.
  9. Hi I had this figured out once but now I'm lost again. I have instaledl Linux Mail security (v4) and trying to apply a policy but it says "Product not installed/not applied" (This is the only policy for Linux v4) I'm all up-to-date. Any ideas? Thanks
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