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  1. Confirmed, working now in California, USA as well. My guess is someone mucked up whatever updates valid license files on the update servers or a partial file was synced up or something like that. Might be hard to catch that type of thing internally but hopefully it won't happen again... Thanks everyone
  2. I have also sent license details and ESET Log Collector log in private message but need to sleep now will check back in morning.
  3. Thanks makes me feel better that it's not just me while I delete the hundreds of emails I've also filled out an online support form here ESET North America Support » Business & Enterprise (Server Product) Support » Modules update error or other error message https://www.eset.com/us/support/contact/ Just to see if that helps get it solved faster.
  4. Just getting flooded here with what seems to be every single ESET File Security server complaining about "Update authorization failed. Please check if your license is valid." Checked and license usage is less than the total as well, is there something wrong with the Update server or should we contact support about the licensing issue? Thanks
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