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Seems like this would be a good place for a feature request, but a central thread for this would be better, easier for ESET to track.


I am looking at the client task details.  Show succeeded or failed, and I get a list of computers, but a very disappointing lack of information about them.  At the very least I would like to see a date/time field so I can send out a batch of tasks and easily determine what happened.  The interface is extraordinarily click-heavy, the main lists lack some simple info.  Having to click Details and then select another link to see what the problem is for any given computer, for example seems onerous to me.  Why doesn't the list of computers just indicate the current status, most recent error/update/status, something to tell me what is going on without drilling one by one into the list?


I suspect there are reports or other views somewhere that will let me do this but I personally would vote for an interface with many fewer moving parts.  Adding the date/time to the list of client and server task executions would be a good example of a simple thing that would save me a lot of clicking back and forth.

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Hello, the date/time will be added to ERA 6.5. Other adjustments (list of computers indicating the current status, most recent error / update status) is a bigger request and will have to be evaluated for the future versions.

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