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  1. Seems like this would be a good place for a feature request, but a central thread for this would be better, easier for ESET to track. I am looking at the client task details. Show succeeded or failed, and I get a list of computers, but a very disappointing lack of information about them. At the very least I would like to see a date/time field so I can send out a batch of tasks and easily determine what happened. The interface is extraordinarily click-heavy, the main lists lack some simple info. Having to click Details and then select another link to see what the problem is for any give
  2. Complaints about this Remove Administrator console are apparently not approved. Great. One of the clunkiest, most unintuitive and oddly difficult to use consoles, and you won't respond to feedback. Honestly, it's MADDENING to try to use it, to try to figure out where you stand with your deployments, to have to click twice to open pop-ups to see what errors are happening with a computer, the endless waiting. It's really awful, my nomination for worst designed interface in history. I'm not kidding, I'm not just trying to be funny or cranky...it's absolutely HORRIBLE to use. So far my comme
  3. Server task = install the agent. Client task = remove existing AV and install AV... this distinction seems arbitrary to me. Tracking progress of tasks is awful, among the worst interfaces I've ever seen, and on top of that, it's DIFFERENT for client vs server tasks. That is absolutely senseless. I want to view details, I can choose to view failed, in progress, or completed...but I can't see all of them and sort the results. On some of the screens, sort by date/time and things will shuffle around on your screen, but the resulting order is arbitrary. I can click on the icons on the left o
  4. I am never actually certain if I am seeing the current status of a task, because the list won't even sort by time accurately. I have hundreds of computers to manage; how is this even remotely acceptable? Who designed this interface? Client task vs Server tasks...why the distinction? Arbitrary, annoying, incredibly hard to follow, click click click click click click STOP IT!!! An antivirus program that performs so well, and I have this all-time horror show of an interface. I'm not complaining that tasks don't always go through, etc. That's always a pain when deploying AV. But the consol
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