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Shared Local Cache Server Malfunktion

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Hello Forum,


i have the deployed the ESET Shared Local Cache Server from OVF.

Everythink is working fine.  After i upgrade the outdated Remote Administrator Agent in the Shared Local Cache Server to version i see the Alert "Product is installed but it is not running" in the Status of the Shared Local Cache Server in the Remote Administrator.


What is going wrong with the Remote Administrator Agent upgrade.



Thanks Maik

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  • ESET Insiders



Using the ESET Remote Administrator Agent Component Upgrade task with ESET Shared Local Cache (ESLC) and ESET Virtualization Security (EVS) will upgrade the ERA Agent but the appliance will show a red Malfunction status (“Product is installed but it is not running”) in the ERA Web Console. The appliance will continue to function but will not be manageable using the ERA Web Console.
Solution: Do not upgrade ERA Agent in ESLC and EVS until the upcoming service release of ELSC and EVS and then replace the entire appliance.  If you have already upgraded, redeploy the appliance with the previous ERA Agent to restore functionality.

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  • ESET Staff

Hello, the announced version of ESLC is already undergoing QA, and should be released in September.Until then, I would suggest the only possible thing, which is to redeploy the ESLC OVA, and prevent it from getting the 6.4 agent. It will work well, with the older ERA agent instance.

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