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Windows Anniversary Update and ESET fail


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I attempted to update my Surface Pro 4 to the Anniversary update from Microsoft and the update would roll back.  I spent hour trying to figure out what was going on.  I even tried to disable eset protection but to no avail.  I ended up uninstalling eset then I could update.  Reinstalled ESET and now I'm back up and running. 


What I really would like to know is what should I do next time so this doesn't happen again.  Simply telling eset not to protect my computer obviously doesn't stop it from stopping the updates.

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You're very lucky.  Updated three independent versions of Windows 10 Pro to Anniversary Edition and had major conflicts with ESET on the a dual boot Win 10 machine.  Lost the entire system (both OS installs) due to ESET conflict with the new Windows Defender.  The affected OS was Windows 7 Pro clean install updated to Windows 10 Pro.  The shared boot partition was damaged as a result of the conflict somehow. 

Additionally, purchased a new laptop and loaded all the Windows 10 Pro updates except the Anniversary Edition update. ESET kept crashing the regular Windows 10 Pro with the psuedo-BSOD [ :-( ], repeatedly even after using the uninstaller in Safe Mode.  Updated to the Anniversary Edition (after extensive backups and recovery images were made at this point) and have yet to try to install ESET on this version of Windows 10 Pro Anniversary Edition.  Kinda terrified at this point...

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