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  1. I attempted to update my Surface Pro 4 to the Anniversary update from Microsoft and the update would roll back. I spent hour trying to figure out what was going on. I even tried to disable eset protection but to no avail. I ended up uninstalling eset then I could update. Reinstalled ESET and now I'm back up and running. What I really would like to know is what should I do next time so this doesn't happen again. Simply telling eset not to protect my computer obviously doesn't stop it from stopping the updates.
  2. Maybe someone better than me can explain this but I had to uninstall eset to get the Microsoft Anniversary update to work on my surface pro 4. I tried to disable protection but that didn't do the trick. I just wanted to post this here because I spent hours on this trying to get the update to work. In the uninstalling and updating then reinstalling was the only solution that I found.
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