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Installing Smart Security on Windows Server

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I'm currently running Windows Server 2016 on a workstation, which is basically windows 10. I'd like to install smart security on it but it tells me that the OS in incompatible, does anyone know of a way to bypass the OS check?



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Not permitted? Not permitted by who?

This is the dumbest response I have ever seen to a legitimate question and not even close to helpful.

I've been a long time customer of ESET software and run a small home lab that doesn't need and won't benefit from ESET server software. Let alone do I want to pay even more money to use a product I already have and have paid for.

I think if ESET doesn't "permit" it's users to install regular, already paid for, software on server OS's before my current licenses expire I'm gonna seek out other antivirus/firewall software from other vendors and not return to ESET.

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@m411b - I think you will find that this model is not just limited to ESET. It is, in fact, adopted by thousands of businesses who realise that, amongst other things, server security is a different animal compared to workstation security, and that businesses can offset operating costs against end-of-year tax payments.

The result is that, generally, server (and thus business-oriented) products carry a higher price. Alas, it may not be ideal but it is what it is. Example, Symantec offer not only endpoint clients but a client for cloud, a client for enterprise, etc etc etc.  Do you not suspect that the pricing model for different physical, virtual, server, workstation environments will be the same across the board?

Supreme prime example: Microsoft: is the workstation OS the same price and even pricing strategy as workstation? Why not? Because Microsoft, IBM, and others discovered early on during the rise of the personal (and cheaper) computer that they can gather more money from business products than from home products.

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