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Hello, I'm currently using Eset Mobile Security version 2.0.792.0-0 on my Xperia S with ICS. We all know that when we enable SIM Guard, if a new SIM is inserted, a message is sent to Trusted Number. But, what if a SIM inserted has no balance or SMS balance. In India we mostly use Prepaid SIM which requires Main Balance or SMS balance to send messages. So does Eset sends message multiple times if delivery is unsucessful? Hope you guys understood my doubt. It would be more useful if Eset had web based Anti-Theft control.Sorry for my English. Thank You.

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I havent a clue the engineering behind this.

However if it were a design of my choosing.

The message would come from a call server or sms server hosting a db of all the user accounts with active ongoing antitheft.

If someone enabled anti theft on device. I would have the db track everything. Not the phone or app, as adding a

Second sim inserted by stranger could be an inactive post paid sim or prepaid with no minutes/sms capabilities.

This would be highly inefficient. Nonetheless i would have the phone constantly retrying to send red flag to trusted number

Until success.

This kind of information will not be revealed by Eset as their methods could be compromised and exploited.

Maybe someone can verify the chance of success or at the least, without biasism tell us how effective the anti theft really is :)

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