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ERA 6.3 and daylight saving

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ERA 6.3 doesn't automatically update for daylight saving?


When I setup my ERA server I noticed the time being reported by agents and the time of the server were out of sync by an hour.

So I clicked the Administration link in the top right corner, disabled 'Use browser local time' and left it with the correct time zone and the 'Daylight Saving Time' option enabled. All was now correct.


Our daylight saving ended on the weekend (Sydney, Australia), and I've just noticed that the time is out by an hour again. So I've now unselected the 'Daylight Saving Time' option and the last connected time for agents is now showing correctly again.


The server is set to the correct time zone etc but with 'Use browser local time' enabled the time was out by an hour during daylight saving.


I just tested re enabling 'Use browser local time' and the last connected time is showing correctly now that daylight saving is over.





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