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    ShaneDT received kudos from NewbyUser in Ongoing Outlook Sync issues with ESET   
    That is disappointing. This problem has been known for so such a long time, and a fix has been promised (and not working) also for a long time. I'm not interested in deploying an 'only briefly tested' version to hundreds of customers computers. Will the dll fix be able to be deployed by ESET Protect? Will this affect future 'uPCU' updates?
    Whatever happened to automatic program updates by the way? This feature has been in policy for a long time and also has never worked. Wasn't this supposed to be fixed in version 8.0?
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    ShaneDT received kudos from MichalJ in upgrade to 7.3.2032 - computer gets shut down after scheduled scan   
    Yep, but the option is and has been there in the policy settings since I've been selling ESET (circa v6). If the option doesn't work it shouldn't be there, but it really is an option that we need. Every other vendor has had automatic program updates for aeons.
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    ShaneDT received kudos from Dimitris G in Future changes to ESET Internet Security and ESET Smart Security Premium   
    Galaxy that is what backups and the built in Previous Version feature is for.
    There is another antivirus product that claims they can do this, but their own engineers on their own website admit it doesn't work lol.
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