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EEA 6: Forcing Update Tasks to Run Wont Work


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Hello, I recently update from NOD32 4.2 to EEA 6.2.

The exact versions are:


EEA: 6.2.2021.2



In order to test a dual profile configuration for notebooks that eventually goes out of the LAN, I am trying to force the update tasks from the scheluder (Right click, run now).


Nothing happens.

In fact, no other tasks response. Only On-demand scans response to the "Run now" command.


I try the manual update this way, because I ´ve read similar posts about this problem, and ESET suggest runing the update from the schelued task, instead of clicking the "Update now" button.



Any ideas?




Thanks in advance



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Did you use this manual to configure your updates? hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3621/


Can you explain your configuration settings?


yesterday i had the same problem: https://forum.eset.com/topic/7425-download-av-updates-from-apache-proxy-or-from-internet/

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Hi RedLine!


It is wierd. The thing is that when the task is triggered according to the scheluded time, it starts updating. The task is executed.

It just doesnt do anything when I force it. Or may be it does, but as it doesnt find any updates it seems to do nothing. I dont see any "movement" in the update module. Perhaps the update check runs in background.


It is just a though.

Perhaps some ESET Moderator could enlight me.



Thanks for your answer.


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there is a timeout 50 minutes so in this interval you can run only by clicking Update now from the update pane.

After the interval you can run the task manually from the scheduler.


We will probably change this behavior, but no promises :-)


Regards, P.R.

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Thanks Peter!

Last week I realized that the update is indeed executed,

The "Run Now" is still not working but it´s not a big issue though.


It would be great in the future, if the "update now" will apply to all the profiles.





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