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  1. Sorry. You can close this topic. I have found a solution already
  2. Hi, After upgrade to ESMC we are receiving a notifications in HTML format but without details: Is it possible to customize a template of notification to see workstation name and etc?
  3. Hi, We found that starting from version 7 we can`t download english version of msi installer and it detects language by system locale. We are deploying EEA via Software Install task How we can select which language should be installed? By default we want to install en-US version
  4. Hi, I have a problem. After upgrade or fresh install of ESET agent I have an error in task executions tab: But if I copy EEA installer and then run it locally I can install antivirus without any restart. Is it a bug? I have an issue.. Because I am setup an installation task for EEA 7.x when computer is joining to a dynamic group. Dynamic group base on dynamic template and detects an agent version. If an agent is 7.x and host have not an agent 6.x then I want to install EEA 7.x But I have this error. And as I understand correctly if the task is failed, then I need to run installation task again manually in ESMC
  5. One more question. Is it possible to configure a settings for both versions of an agents 6.x and 7.x in one policy? Because now we have a mixed environment.
  6. No we don`t use http proxy. I will try to setup it. Thank you for the advice
  7. Hi, Is it possible to create EMSC upgrade task with offline packages? When we are starting this task on clients it generates big network traffic and uses all bandwidth. After that we have a call from our ISP about DDoS attack
  8. Hello MartinK, Thank you for reply. I have already found a solution with registry keys removal which you have provided. It works. Thank you
  9. Hi, We have SCCM server in our infrastructure. I am successfully created a new app deployment on it. But I have a problem with supersedence. When i select checkbox to uninstall previous version of agent new installation is fails When I am trying to check whats wrong and run a command manually uninstall task just closes with out any information. In Event viewer looks like it was uninstalled: But Agent still in the system and installation of new Eset Management Agent fails in SCCM Software Center because it detects previous version of agent. If I am unmark checkbox then ESET management Agent installed successfully but old ERA agent also still in the system.. Old agent has a password. Can I push in some way a password in command string or in .bin file for example to uninstall agent? I think this is my problem. Because agent is password-protected
  10. I have all the rights on clients. Just need to check once a week if all online computers has agent and I want to decide on which workstation I need antivirus software. Sometimes users reinstalling own workstations without our support. We`re deploying OS with agent and etc. via SCCM. I don`t want to reinstall agents on computers that already has it. If I will start agent deployment on All group? Then ERA will reinstall agents on workstations that has it already?
  11. Hi, Is it possible to create a task in ERA, to deploy an agent for example once a week only on computers with unknown status? For example I want first do static synchronization and then run another task with agent deployment, but only on computers where agent is not installed
  12. not only this subdomain, but all subdomains in *.vsassets.io
  13. Our developers working for a big client. This happend on *.visualstudio.com website
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