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Need An Advice To Buy Product

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hello ESET Forum


im asking for you to advice me if this product




is a nice deal and buy it , becuase the price is just 4 euro and the company is the most confident and safe


please (becuase i feel that is the deal )

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yes i know becuase the seller has been changed


i posted that because i thought that someone tried to get the product from this seller this is why mister

TomFace ^^ and about the 3 months i think that 12 euro to get 1 year protection (4 keys * 3 months = 1year ) is lower than 30 euro ( the price of ESET company for the smart security producte )


so because of that im asking and i found it a great deal ;)

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this afternoon i payed g2a and get my 4 keys and something happened !!


the keys were for Eset Multi devices 3 devices 6 months for android windows, and , os


i think that the selller did not find this category of the product in g2a product list so he is seling under the name of ( Eset smart security 3 months )


thank you

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As I said before, after making sure it is what you need,  you need to trust your 1st gut instinct when it comes to making decisions to buy or not buy. Others (we) do not know (or maybe understand) your position. 


"Though thou hast ever so many counselors, yet do not forsake the counsel of thy own soul."



That being said, have a Merry Christmas. :)

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