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  1. While I restored an image to correct this problem, why should I trust any posts except from Eset to modify my registry ? Sorry for not trusting some posts here.
  2. I am restoring a 3 day old image. First one with a ssd. Then will see what happens.
  3. I did not have any malware removed or anything else done by ESS except signature update. My other two computers were not effected
  4. The machine in question was ok yesterday and only had Eset SS definition update. No scans done no warnings. I installed Outpost Security Suite and will try a scan later. I read about this trouble for many years, but never had it.
  5. Uninstalled ESS, no change. You guys are lookin in the wrong direction or some else just decided to screw up.
  6. Don't forget this is Windows 10 so anything can happen. I doubt if Microsoft even knows how it works.
  7. I tried to rebuild the icon cache without any luck. I have read about this problem over the years, but first time I have had it happen to me. I am going to remove ess to test.
  8. Right click on blank desktop space >> Personalization >> Themes >> Desktop Icons >> Uncheck allow themes to change desktop icons. I may have had this happen even though I use a solid color desktop. There is also a bat file around to rebuild the icon cache.
  9. How are you changing the folder view, step by step please ? On 3 Win 10 machines with ESS installed, only one is changing desktop icon locations. Please answer first question so I can test.