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    Microsoft MVP, Scrum.org Professional Scrum Trainer, Microsoft Visual Studio ALM Ranger, Geek, Coffee lover.
  1. There is no update yet. I'm not using FDM at all at the moment, there are interface incompatibilities, so I can't just overwrite the driver with a newer version.
  2. Agreed. But I was surprised by the length taken by Avast/AVG to evade the bluescreen. I suspect there are more tools using WinDivert and I hope they're trying harder to keep up.
  3. It's interesting to see that Avast/AVG are detecting the corrupt buffer and work around it. I suspect that either detecting the presence of the broken driver or working around its corruption may be required.
  4. No more instability issues after uninstalling Free Download Manager. Please help make the author of that product aware of the problem they're causing with this broken driver: hxxp://www.freedownloadmanager.org/board/viewtopic.php?f=1&t=17753
  5. More debugging is pointing to Free Download Manager Pro, specifically by a drive it uses to intercept downloads from the browser called WinDivert. Currently testing with Hyper-V and Docker enabled again after uninstalling Free Download Manager. Looks like WinDivert has recently closed an issue that could be the cause for this blue screen.
  6. Been running with the Docker Hyper-V bridge and ethernet adapter disabled and the system has been rock solid since.
  7. Yeah, I know. I'm pretty obsessive about staying updated. And unfortunately, Dell itself isn't pretty good so far in shipping drivers that work well together, so it's been a bit of a bumpy right the first few months using this otherwise wonderful machine. in a couple of months, I suspect they'll be releasing all the Dell vetted Autumn Edition drivers.
  8. I've installed the latest ESet on my laptop 10 last week and 11 today. Both cause the machine to bugcheck regularly. The machine is rock stable after uninstalling and switching back to Windows Defender. I can share a dump file. Dump File Crash Time Bug Check String Bug Check Code Parameter 1 Parameter 2 Parameter 3 Parameter 4 Caused By Driver Caused By Address File Description Product Name Company File Version Processor Crash Address Stack Address 1 Stack Address 2 Stack Address 3 Computer Name Full Path Processors Count Major Version Minor Version Dump File Size Dump File Time MEMORY.DMP 30/10/2017 21:47:39 BAD_POOL_CALLER 0x000000c2 00000000`00000004 00000000`00000000 00000000`00000000 ffffc787`c176cdb8 x64 C:\Windows\MEMORY.DMP 8 15 16299 2.698.196.132 30/10/2017 21:49:16
  9. Thanks Ken, I hadn't expected any other answer from you. And there is a truth to yours, but that truth may lead me to switch to another company that does support my workflow. Years ago it took more than 5 years to build a new version of Windows. If Microsoft would wait until 2021 to release Windows 11, they'd be out of business. It's an unfortunate truth and it seems that Microsoft is learning fast, but making mistakes. I hope they keep learning from these mistakes and that the number of these mistakes will be less in the future. I agree that there ae more important problems than most of mine, which is why I spend quite a bit of time to figure things out, test hypotheses and then report feedback. I don't believe that companies like Eset should fix the problems microsoft created. I'd still like them to keep my system secure and my files in one piece, or warn me when they can't. Or I'll be unfortunately forced to keep my system secure in another way. And I'd think that unfortunate, because Eset is providing a product I like in every other way and which I promote to others looking for fast and reliable security.
  10. It has been promoted to slow ring too. Thanks for the feedback. I've switched to Defender for the time being.
  11. Dear Eset. I've been one of the folks who's been caught by the download corruption bug in the most recent Windows 10 slow ring insider build. I understand that as a "beta" tester I'm in for a tough ride once in a while. But as a Microsoft consultant, running recent bits also provides me with a few options I do not have if I lag behind. I suppose that you internally run tests against beta builds to be sure there are no breaking changes. I also suppose that you're glad when people take the effort to use your product and provide feedback when a beta build breaks a feature or causes issues in another way. I do not expect Eset to fix my beta build. I'd like them to take into account that these preview builds aren't going away. I'd like them to help me use their product whenever possible and to help me stay safe. I'd like them to have a "Temporarily turn off until next preview build" or a warning feature to prevent me from corrupting half my file system, after the bug has been detected. I'd love them for the product to disable itself and revert back to Windows Defender without having to uninstall/reinstall it. Eset provides a beta program in which we can help them create a better product. I'd love them to support the beta program of Microsoft to help us stay safe while helping Microsoft to build a better product. I do not believe that the Windows team will be able to provide a higher quality and stabler build without all of those Insider folks out there. I've logged my fair share of bugs and Microsoft does seem to appreciate our effort. It's too easy to say "They should deliver higher quality", in the fragmented and complex space of the PC nowadays. Even the vendor of my machine has trouble providing me with the right drivers, I do not expect Microsoft to be able to provide all PC configurations out there in the world with a 100% working environment without people testing Windows in a real world environment. And testing without real-world situations, such as running Windows 10 with a security product like Eset, would cause much, much bigger problems if they'd release a service pack or hotfix to 100.000's of users causing download corruptions. Just saying. I'd love to hear a full statement of what is supported, what isn't and how we can help and how we cannot. I'd also love Eset to acknowledge the fact that Preview builds are a thing now, and that keeping us secure is important too. I'd be willing to pay extra if that's what's needed.
  12. I have been experiencing image/audio and downloaded file corruptions in recent Windows 10 Slow Ring insider builds. Other people in the Windows 10 Feedback tool mentioned they also had Eset Nod32 or Internet Security installed. Disabling realtime, web and network security didn't help, but after deinstallation I can again download without files becoming corrupt. I saw similar issues with a hotfix back in the Windows 7 timeframe, but that hotfix doesn't apply to Windows 10.
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