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ERA 6 & old clients upgrade

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I have recently successfully upgraded ERA v5 to v6. With few agents manually installed on win / mac environmnet the list of computers is slowly getting populated. My next challange is around updating client machines from v5 to v6. I have tried the remote uninstall but this task has failed. The only way up so far that worked, was to manually install the agent, making sure that agent is reporting back to ERA, then uninstalling the old client and pushing out new installation from the server. Is there any way to update clients directly from the server?

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In the past I've used SCCM to install the agents to PCs and Apple Remote Desktop to install the agents on Macs.


You also should be able to install the new clients without having to uninstall the previous (v5) clients. I'm not sure if that was the right way to install the clients, but it seemed to work at the time.

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  • ESET Staff

Hi @pipboy3000,



Is there any way to update clients directly from the server?


I think no, that task includes the Agent.

This KB also have a video, hxxp://support.eset.com/kb3595/, do you already try?


The ERA v5 and ERA v6 are different not only in how they are build, but also in the way to do the things.

Somethings you usually do on v5 have a different way to do in v6.


Update: as @mfichera point is right, you can deploy the agent with a Endpoint 5 installed, the agent will control it. after that you can uninstall.


All task are managed by the Agent, keep that in mind.

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OK, I've managed to install client on all Macs manually. Asking users to run the script themselves is out of question as they have to have admin rights. Once that is done, the rest is relatively straightforward. The only advantage of mac over windows is that you don't have to reboot the machine after the installation is completed. Painful manual task, but let's hope that migration from v6 to v7 will be a little bit easier.

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