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  1. EES for mac 6.6.866.1 is available in the repository the server uses for client installations.
  2. Reverting back to 6.6.866.1 or installing the beta resolved this for us.
  3. a clean reinstall of 6.7.500 does not resolve our issue. Support has given us a beta version to test.
  4. Thanks Matus, I have those policy objects enabled and I have been running the log collector on a few of the affected Macs.
  5. I spoke with support and they recommended no using the "update eset products" task to update the macos clients. For now they instructed me to uninstall the older version of eset, delete the eset folder in Application Support, then perform a clean install of the new eset client.
  6. Hey everyone, I've noticed that iMacs running 10.13.6 and 10.14.1 and EES 6.7.500, experience a high number of crashes and forced reboots. I'm not sure if EES is the cause or not, but the iMacs that are experiencing frequent crashes are all running the latest eset Mac client. Anyone else experience this? Any tips with troubleshooting? So far removing eset seems to fix it.
  7. Just looking for some best practices for the Shared Local Cache. I'm looking to deploy the OVA in VMware. What resources should I allocate to it? Which clients/servers should be connecting to the cache? Thanks everyone.
  8. I've noticed this on all of my Windows Servers as well. The only servers without this notification are Server 2016. I know this is an old topic, but it is still relevant.
  9. Do eset business products (ie endpoint security) protect users from the exploit described in the link below? https://portal.msrc.microsoft.com/en-us/security-guidance/advisory/CVE-2018-8453#ID0EKIAC
  10. We've been experimenting with web control lately and we noticed that it blocks certificate validity checks and marks them as file repositories. Is this normal behavior? Are these sites safe to whitelist in Web Control? I've posted a couple of log entries below. 9/10/18, 8:51:40 AM mfichera THESHEPHERD\Domain Users hxxp://g.symcd.com/MEkwR6ADAgEAMEAwPjA8MAkGBSsOAwIaBQAEFLG0OReQFreXeVAR8WC51KI82+3uBBQA+SrDQZG2ycK4PlXywJcRE6AHIAIDAjp0 File Repositories Blocked by policy 9/10/18, 8:50:33 AM mfichera THESHEPHERD\Domain Users hxxp://ocsp.digicert.com/MFYwVKADAgEAME0wSzBJMAkGBSsOAwIaBQAEFN+qEuMosQlBk+KfQoLOR0BClVijBBSxPsNpA/i/RwHUmCYaCALvY2QrwwIQDHmpRLCMEZUgkmFf4msdgw== File Repositories Blocked by policy
  11. What I'm looking for is a list, not the pie chart
  12. What you posted would be perfect if there were an "OR" operator
  13. I think I've found what I'm looking for, but it doesn't display computers that have never performed a scan.
  14. That report cannot be filtered to only display computers that computers that have not been scanned within the last 7 days. I have not been able to find a logical operator that will present the information as my supervisor has requested it.
  15. Thanks, but what I need is a PDF emailed with a list of computers and their last scan date. My supervisor does not want to log into the ERA.
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