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Thinking of trialing ESS 9

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I had run the beta of v9 and liked it, other than the bad uninstall experience I had. After giving up on 2 other products I find unusable, I am thinking about giving this a run. A few questions:

1. I let my license expire. I had run the beta. Will I be able to register this as a trial and have it work, or will it say my trial time is expired?

2. I have seen complaints (everyone has them). Is there anyone running this on Windows 10 x64 without issue or complaint?

3. Has the uninstall issue been fixed? I guess not a huge deal, since I know how to work around it now.

4. Does the final run similar to the beta? I have beta tested software before that was great and the release broke it.

I realize I can find my own answers to this by installing it, but it's potentially time wasted if I can't get someone to tell me it's a worthwhile effort.



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Hello xxJackxx,


In answers to your questions...


1. Since with each major version release the trial period is reset, you should have no issues trialing version 9 as long as you have not trialed the release version before.


2. I am on a Windows 10 Pro 64 bit system. There are only two issues that I have had. First, when browsing https sites (SSL), I get a rare SSL connection error (happens only a couple of times a day at most). A refresh of the page always fixes it. Since this happens so rarely, I consider it a very minor issue. Second, if you use any other security software that provides keystroke encryption, it will prevent ESET's Banking & Payment Protection browser from launching. See this post: Cannot use Banking Protection in ESS v.9. Also note that with the first issue, new modules are constantly being released which continues to lessen the issue. With the second issue, ESET's B&PP provides keystroke protection which is the reason for the issue with other security apps that also provide keystroke encryption. Marcos said the issue was being looked into but could not guarantee that ESET could fix it due to the protection that B&PP provides. It may have to fall on the other software vendors to provide a workaround.


3. As to your uninstall issues, I have found that if before you try to uninstall you go into "Advanced setup > ANTIVIRUS > HIPS" and disable the first four items (HIPS, Self-Defense, Advanced Memory Scanner, and Exploit Blocker), followed by clicking "OK" and a reboot, will allow you to uninstall. I have found that it seems that something to do with HIPS (probably Self-Defense) interferes on some machines when doing an uninstall.


4. IMHO, the final not only runs similar to the beta but significantly better as many improvements have been made.



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Ok, I did have some issues with SSL sites. Not a major issue, but not ideal. I also found that with the release of 64 bit Firefox, that it would crash with ESS 9 installed. That coupled with the fact that I wanted to install the Windows 10 November Update, which breaks ESS 9 and is not yet supported, I have stopped my trial for now. It has potential and unlike some, I really like the UI. With a couple of updates I will likely try it again, but for now I cannot run it.


The uninstaller works fine now, it even deleted the phantom account created for the anti theft. :)

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